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Star Wars Changes
« on: March 11, 2013, 08:57 PM »
Figured this belonged here as well as anywhere.  With today's announcement of the Clone Wars ending, Detours being indefinitely postponed, and following the delay/cancellation of the AOTC and ROTS 3D releases, it sure seems like a lot of things are changing in the SW universe.  We've seen changes being tried out in the action figure line (with the 6" series and the 5 POA stuff) as well, and it now seems as if we'll have a lack of almost any new SW stuff until after the new movies get going (at least for the most part).

I read in one of the articles today about the CW news that it seems like since Disney took over there has really been a shift away from the prequel era stuff.  Sure, we'll see some figures this Fall, but that is more because of the late game change in plans than anything else.  We've seen the indefinite delay (and probably/possibly cancellation) of both the 3D releases and Detours.  The new Black Series 6" line is made up of 75% OT, and I have read news about the upcoming movies saying how Disney wanted to get back to the look and feel of the OT with the new movies.  Now, I'm not complaining mind you, because although I love all the SW universe (prequels and CW included), I also prefer the OT and that "feel" as well, it is just interesting to me to see what a big shift has come about in the past few months.

Disney really seems to be clearing the slate as things gear up for the new trilogy.  Aside from (hopeful) DVD or some sort of releases of the resolution of CW, I don't know that anything else will be out prior to the new movie.  They did mention some new animated series, but I doubt it is far enough along to make it out prior to 2015.  Everything else (3D, Detours, 1313) seems to be delayed or cancelled.  It is just an interesting time in the SW universe these days, for better or worse.  I just wonder if we'll see even more changes coming up (possibly even with the action figure line), or if things will settle down a bit now.