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Although they didn't report it JTA's Black Series list also reveals some Legends figures.

Battle Droid
Darth Maul
Boba Fett
Jango Fett

More rumors are surfacing over at FLYGUY.NET.  The figures that are rumored to be on the way (complete with UPC's) include:

•Star Wars Episode III AT-RT with Clone UPC:653569741824
•Star Wars Episode IV Tie Pilot UPC:653569797234
•Star Wars Episode III Saesee Tiin UPC:653569831495
•Star Wars Episode III Clone Pilot Jag UPC:653569831518
•Star Wars Episode III 212th Clone Trooper Action Figure UPC:653569799153
•Star Wars Episode III Galactic Marine UPC:653569831594
•Star Wars Episode III Emperor Palpatine UPC:653569831488
•Star Wars Episode III Clone Trooper 327th UPC:653569831549

Based on the characters, I'm thinking that these are PROBABLY Saga Legends offerings (with the exception of the AT-RT).

There is speculation that the AT-RT with Clone is from the cancelled AMP'D line.

With this one cancelled item still in the database, it makes me question the validity (or at least the certainty) of all of these figures being released.

Those are all the old BAD figures now in limbo right?

I'll consider the Stormtrooper and TIE pilot, depending on how they look.


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