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Weirdness....Legends are blind boxed in Japan, including the mission figures, I guess.

I had heard about that months ago but I didn't realize it included MS too. I wonder if the Sith eyes Anakin is a chase figure?

Jesse James:
That's how Hot Toys Snap Kit figures worked... I'm not surprised since these are like checkout things over there.  Kinda cool if cheap but if not (which IMO $6 is not) I'd be wary of a gimmick like that.  I dig the idea kinda tho.  Imagine that here?  Collectors heads would explode. :D

Anything blind bag/boxed over $3 or is too much to spend on chance, maybe $4 if it's something substantial (as in "not tiny unposeable rubber mini figures"). I got a playmobil guy on sale for $3 but I figured out which one it was based on feel. And at least those and Lego minifigs you can parts swap.

Just catching up on some news from last week and saw these.  Maybe it's because I have a soft-spot for Japanese trading figures (I <3 Kubricks :-*), but it seems like a really unique, market-specific way to get these cheaper figures out there to kids.

Like others have said, collectors here in the USA would freak out, but over there where kids are already used to these type of 'trading figure' sets, I can totally see it working. 

--- Quote from: Scockery on August 31, 2013, 04:43 PM ---Anything blind bag/boxed over $3 or is too much to spend on chance
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Jesse James on August 31, 2013, 12:19 PM ---Kinda cool if cheap but if not (which IMO $6 is not)
--- End quote ---

If $6 is too much for you to blind-box, be glad you guys aren't Kubrick/be@rbrick collectors then. :P


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