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2014 Saga Legends Basic Figures (Rebels Cardback)

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Courtesy of Sandtroopers - Saga Legends sneak peek!  click here for the giant-size pic

Looks like they are just character place-holders in the pic, but it looks like these guys are being added to Saga Legends line-up this Fall:

- TIE Pilot
- Plo Koon
- AT-AT Driver
- Royal Guard

Very excited for all these, especially the Jedi Temple Guard. Very cool to see Hasbro keeping CW alive even if it's one figure here and there. The Royal Guard will be very interesting - soft goods or no? The AT-DP Pilot is probably my favorite design so far from Rebels so good to see him.

Jesse James:
3 of those could very well be animated rebels figs.  I wouldn't be surprised really.  Stormie needs buddies.

The Royal guard intrigues me. If it's well sculpted, it could be a part of the official army.

They were sort of overshadowed last night, but the Legends stuff that Hasbro had on display looked really nice... 

I'm not going to buy Skiff Lando and X-Wing Luke because I already have really nice versions of them, but I'll definitely pick up that Bespin Han for my Han collection. ;)


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