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Lego becomes world's biggest toymaker

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According to CNN

Lego sales grew at 11% for the first six months of this year surpassing Mattel and leaving Hasbro in its dust (now 30% larger than Hasbro).

This is one of those companies you almost want to root for but, in the end they are still taking our $$$$$$.

Jesse James:
Lego's quality is pretty unmatched when you think about it.  There's just unlimited potential, and they have minimal investment outside of licensing and the odd new elements they create. 

Everything they do is adorable too...  It's hard to avoid Lego when you are so tempted to buy it just for the mini-figures even.  ::)

Not sure where to put this one...

Read where Lego overproduced / undersold in 2017.

While I agree their Star Wars sets have been less interesting lately, largely a result of having done most everything already.  And some of the recent sets have been snoozers. 

Although I'm surprised that if they did overproduce, I've yet to see any significant markdowns.  In fact I've been struggling to find 30% off deals that seemed to be fairly easy to come by if you're patient.

Yeah, I don't know where the overproduce part came from. My local WMs and Targets are just now starting to fully restock shelves after being virtually empty since Christmas, and I've heard from a LEGO Store manager that he was really frustrated with LEGO's own internal distribution (our local store along with others in Texas were unable to get certain sets like the UCS Falcon in mass quantities while Amazon can)

Then again, my area is awful for toys in general, so I could be in some void and everyone else is stuck with piles of sets.

Biggest thing to me has been the rising prices and the sheer amount of sets. TLJ for example, in the September wave, had THREE sets priced over $100 MSRP, one at $80, one at $50, and the cheapest set was $30. That's not quite affordable for the average kid/family, nor does it appeal to the average parent/grandparent looking to buy a small set as a reward. Then just three months later, another wave of TLJ sets were released, and most of those were poor sets, even if they were more affordable.


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