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For Sale Custom Carbonite Chamber Steps Display Stands

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3d printed Star Wars Carbonite Chamber inspired action figure display stand. Approximately 19" wide, 1.6" tall, and 4.1" deep.

It can hold up to approximately 16, 6" figures or 27, 3.75" figures
The stand is 3d printed and comes in 3 segments. The full stand is easily clipped together for display. The stand is printed using high quality PLA.  Each dispplay is made up of hundreds of layers plastic, this creates the texture seen in the close up photos.

There is a USB powered LED light strip including 3' cable included that produces the light up feature seen in the photos. This strip is easily installed in the stand. Optionally, you can order without the light.

These are printed on demand, I just have one printer and each of these takes a 2-3 days to print. You can PM me to get a current ETA on orders
PM me to order. Prices do not include shipping. Priority mail will be approximately $7.
$40 with LED included
$30 Stand Only

I picked up a pair of these and have been meaning to write up a review on them.  I'll just say right out of the gate that they're pure awesome.  I love this look and coloring from the Bespin scenes, so there was really only one choice for me when Slug offered them up for sale.  I ended up buying two sets of these 3D Printed stands (because I'm OCD and have to get 2 of almost everything) and they are even more impressive in person than I expected.  I haven't set them up in my display room yet, but snapped a few photos to share with others, since there always seems to be a decent following for stands and playsets. 

Okay, so out of the box here is what you get.  Each set is comprised of three floor sections, binder clips, and an LED light strip with a USB connector and standard power supply.  Mine also came with a little bonus - a POTF2 Stormtrooper included to show the scale of the stands relative to 3.75" figures.  The center floor piece is rectangular, but the left and right pieces are angled in like realistic risers.  This is a cool feature for a stand alone display, though I would rather have had all rectangular pieces to more easily join two sets together.  More on that in a bit. 

Here's everything in the box and how the de-powered stands look together vs. separate.

I wasn't a big fan of the binder clip idea from Spacewalls, since their back cutouts sometimes don't align from one wall to the next to easily fit in the clip.  But Slug's bottom flooring has spaces purposely carved out for this purpose and the clips slide in easily to hold the three pieces firmly together.  It's surprisingly more stable than I expected.  Here you can see the connectors as well as the lit up LED strip.

One of my favorite parts of these stands is internal slot crafted to hold the LED strips.  The design has a long narrow slot for the light strip to easily slide into.  This holds the strip in place securely and the LEDs are bright enough to light up all three levels of the stand.  You can see a similar design opposite the lights on each step, which holds the orange opaque plastic strips in place.  The LED stays in place really well, though the orange slits will quickly slide out if you turn the stand on it's side.  The downside being you could easily lose/misplace them if you're not paying attention, while the upside is that you could swap them out for other colors if you wanted blue/green/purple accents instead. 

Slugs photos above are sharper than mine, but here are a few looks playing with the lighting.  The effect is really cool in the dark, though it probably isn't enough light by itself to see the figures very well in the dark.  You'll likely want some other overhead light source to complement the display.  With my overhead room lights turned on you can still see the steps lit up pretty well.  There is a small toggle switch on the USB power supply that allows you to turn the lights on and off if you like.  I'd probably just plug these into an outlet with a switch to make it easier, but it's a nice add on alternative if you can't go that route.

Overall, this is a fantastic way to display your figures.  I love the look of it with either 3.75" and 6" figures, and it's a really creative design that allows for lots of different display options.  I'll probably end up putting one in front of the other with some kind of prop behind the one in the back to make it look like 6 steps instead of 3.  Depending on how much space I have available in the final display, I would absolutely pick up more of them.  The price is really fair (~$50 shipped), especially compared to offerings like Spacewalls ($30-40 for two walls with no lights). 

I did come up with three improvements that would make these a 10 out of 10:

#1 - I'm always concerned about figures domino'ing.  I knew there weren't figure pegs included with these, but tweaking the design to include these would make them just about perfect.  Of course, I'm not sure how you do that if you want to have them available for different sized figures.  Maybe you could drill holes and add pegs like the old Ulteramma stands, though that could leave unsightly holes with light shining out if you didn't want to use the pegs.

#2 - The sides of the stands look a little unfinished as they're just open space.  Most people will probably display these with something else off to the left and right, so you won't even notice this, but as a stand alone piece the ends could use a little attachment or cover. 

#3 - I would have gone with three rectangular pieces versus the beveled left and right side.  Since these are custom order, I'm sure Slug would just print you three center pieces - I just didn't look closely enough at the photos.  Having each floor piece square would allow you to better stack them from behind or fit them side by side, assuming you have space greater than 18-20". The neat thing is that by creating three 6" sections, you could probably customize to whatever size you need (eg 4 sections instead of 3 to fill a 2' space). 

Here are a few parting shots of the two stands in different configurations.  Big thanks to Slug for printing these up for me.  I love them!

Thanks for the review Jman.  What are the dimensions on these?  I may have to pick up a few if they'll fit well in my display.


--- Quote from: Dave on February  9, 2017, 11:01 AM ---Thanks for the review Jman.  What are the dimensions on these?  I may have to pick up a few if they'll fit well in my display.

--- End quote ---

They're about 18" long, maybe 4-5" deep?  I'll get more precise measurements for you when I'm home tonight.

Never mind.  Just saw in Slug's original post that they're 19" wide.


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