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Mystery 3.75" Protocol Droid Figure revealed at Yakface.

Hmmm...  if the rumors/theories pan out, this will be both exciting (to see new parts/droids added to the mix) and annoying (if there are first-time protocol droids to track down for big $$$).   :-\

Interesting rumor any way you look at it....

Jesse James:
Caught this on social media myself and wow...  I love the hand too, which is kind of unique. 

I don't see the interest in mixing/matching colors being as high with protocol droids, as it is with astromechs, but I can see wanting cmplete solid colored ones sure.

Comparing this to the two previous offerings of R-3PO  (Saga Gold & the Droid Factory 2-pack), the paint apps look kind of weak.  The sculpt looks okay, though.  But I do get a little disappointed when we continue to revisit previously made droids instead of doing something new.  We've got multiple versions of a few protocol droids including C-3PO, R-3PO and K-3PO.  How about mixing it up?

There was E-3PO from TESB, although some argue that the different finishes for the U-3PO B-A-D may have already covered this.  And what about the gaggle of protocol droids from REVENGE OF THE SITH?  There were at least 3 x Threepio units and at least a couple of BD-3000 droids, too.

Jesse James:
This is stirring again and I really would like an all white droid like is in that pic Nick posted...  Thinking about other colors, again I think the mix/match potential on Protocol Droids is limited.  That said, I think the solid color diversity would be a nice addition and maybe they'll make some cool colors.  I'd like a black 3PO unit, some RA heads maybe.  I can't see them going balls out with droid diversity but who knows I guess.

That early pic Yakface showed is pretty cool IMO...  maybe some are never gonna be happy but to me it's some SA droids.  I'm cool with that.


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What is that skinny black droid in the back with the hood?


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