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2017 Droid Factory BB-8 (D23 Expo - Disneyland)

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Disney has gone plain DROID CRAZY... lots of announcements at Celebration today.

New Droid Factory sculpt BB-8:

I asked Cody from the Disney team if there were any plans for other color designed BB units and he said "not at this time" - considering that they gave us a Holo R2 at one point, and BB-8 is a hologram transmission you can get in the Star Tours ride, I would be shocked if the next BAD BB figure we get after this one isn't Holo BB-8.

Sounds like this figure is now hitting Disney park stores and isn't exactly getting glowing reviews.

It does sound interesting how they have a weighted piece in the bottom portion of BB-8 so he stays upright, but $13 seems like a lot compared to the home-run Disney BAD Chopper figure.  :-\

Jesse James:
I hadn't caught a review of it, but sounds like an easy enough pass...  at least till they inevitably repaint it a billion times.

Actually I'm not so sure BB units will interest me like their R2's have.  The 3PO's are cool but they're not interesting me the same either, so I am not sure how I'll feel about BB units of all colors.  The protocols definitely left me sorta meh, and while I'll want some I certainly don't have that need to pair parts up at an absurd level.

I hear they're a bear to make too, in a crowd at least.

But yeah, BB8 didn't strike me as too cool anyway...  I have a couple that work fine by me, and don't need another, but I like the idea of the weight in the bottom keeping it upright.  That's a nice innovation.  Attachments like his torch arm would've been neat.  Like you said about Chopper, who if they repainted I'd rebuy happily again and again, that's a tough act to follow because that was easily the best action figure of the year outside of the Black Series Rogue One figures in my mind.  And it was easily as good as they were.

I like that this one is completely round and doesn't have a flat spot like the Hasbro one does....but I'm not rushing to my Disney app to see if I can buy it.

I think it would be great if it had magnetic parts like the head and other attachments, but that would make this thing way too expensive!


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