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Some Force Friday II 3.75" basic figure intel from Jayson @ -

3.75″ “Force Link” Orange Collection Wave 1: 9/1/17
E8 Foxtrot 1 Grey (Rey - Jedi Training)
E8 Beta 1 Orange (Poe - Resistance Pilot)
E8 Victor 1 (Kylo Ren)
E8 Beta 2 (Finn - Resistance Fighter)
E8 Tango White (First Order Stormtrooper)
E8 Cool Beta Grey (Luke)

3.75″ “Force Link” Teal Collection Wave 1: 9/1/17
E8 Victor 3 (General Hux)
E8 Foxtrot 2 Orange (Paige - Resistance Gunner)
E8 Cool Alpha 1 (Chewbacca)
E8 Delta 3 (C-3PO)
E8 Foxtrot 3 (Rose - Resistance Tech)

3.75″ “Force Link” Teal Collection Wave 2: 9/1/17
E8 Victor 3 – wv. 1 carry forward (General Hux)
E8 Foxtrot 2 Orange  – wv. 1 carry forward (Paige - Resistance Gunner)
E8 Cool Alpha 1 – wv. 1 carry forward (Chewbacca)
E8 Delta 3 – wv. 1 carry forward (C-3PO)
E4 Obi-Wan Kenobi
E3 Yoda

These are all 5POA, correct?

I don't know if 5POA is a done deal.  There are rumblings to the effect that there may be greater articulation in the TLJ 3.75" figure line, but we haven't seen any concrete indications of moving away from the 5POA model yet.  I personally hope the rumors are true, and there will be an increase in articulation.  Hell, even going to 2002 levels of articulation would be better than what we've got right now.

Where are the Rebels figures  ???

I hope they continue to sprinkle them into the basic line as they have previously. New season is only a month or two out...

With this coming season being the last for the REBELS series, I certainly hope there's a strong showing for the series in the line for this coming year.  The Hasbro panel is what, this coming Friday at SDCC?


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