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FS: TVC Carded Collection


Hey guys, I am moving and downsizing quite a bit. I have a substantial TVC carded collection I am in the process of selling. Some of it is on eBay already, but I thought if anyone here has any holes they need to fill, I might be able to help. Might be easier to say what I don't have right now, since there's over a 100 figures I'm working through.

NOT Available:

Republic Trooper
Darth Malgus
Shae Vizla
Balista Shan
Ahsoka Tano
CW Obi Wan
CW Anakin
CW ARC Trooper
Ponda Baba
Echo Base Trooper
Gamorrean Guard
Any REVENGE variants
Any deleted scenes figures
Any VOTC clamshell figures

If you have any interests, please PM directly. Looking for fair prices, and willing to deal.



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