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All those folks out there dying to get a Holographic Maz figure can finally rest!

Thanks to another TRU Hong Kong store report tweet, we've got a look at this long rumored pack.  Again, no word on how (or if) this will get a US release.


I gave up my completist ways right about when I got married so this is easier for me to say (plus I may have picked it up anyway if ever possible) but I don't get why people get so worked up on these type of sets. If you don't have these figs it's a nice set. If you have the four then you make the call on Maz. Hasbro makes money either way.

Long forgotten ago fact but Hasbro did give up their 501c status.....

And once again I'm sorta responding to comments from other websites where I can't bring myself to become a member as I may lose my mind if I do

Why they didn't back out of it being a Tru thing I don't know

You almost have to appreciate the novelty of how throwback it is - how many TRU holo exclusives were there? Yoda, Grievous... I'm forgetting somebody. But yeah, totally agree it's a huge pass (not that we'll ever see it, unless it goes to Ross etc.). Nothing to get worked up about. Target and Kohl's do these every year, and there's been something like this since pretty much the beginning.

File it under "Just different enough to make you mad".

But I have to laugh about the hologram figures.  In part because I came across a case of assorted hologram figures in my great carded collection purge.  But also because they were definitely "a thing" for a while.  The ROTS and TSC lines seemed to have a number of them.


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