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The "Original" Star Wars Fans Thread

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I start this thread possibly just as my vent thread.

I am trying so hard not to let others ruin my enjoyment of Star Wars but it's getting more and more difficult.

So tired of the "original" fans BS. If you hate it so much go back to when only the OT existed. There was no internet. So you can stay off of it

You don't have to like all of it. But stop being so high and mighty about it. If you're boycotting the rest of the Disney movies can't you boycott your obnoxious rants too?


Jesse James:
Amen to this. 😐

It does take an excessive amount of energy to hate something so vigorously.  Do these "originals" think they're actually going to persuade people to see things from their POV?

I don't get out to other sites and have been staying away from big media as it relates to Solo to avoid spoilers.  Who / what site is getting their undies in a bunch that is getting you fired up Nick?

I avoid most other sites too. But I used to enjoy Yakface. But reading the comments on the front page stories now is getting to me. Am I overreacting a bit? Probably. I do that. But seriously, if you can't separate your love of the OT from your hate of Disney Star Wars then I feel sad for you.


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