Author Topic: RUMORS FOR 2004!!!!!!  (Read 25307 times)

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RUMORS FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: October 12, 2003, 06:03 PM »


First up, if you are craving more Imperials for you collection??
How about a first ever issue of Admiral Ozzeland a new
Imperial Tie Fighter Pilotwith improved articulation!!!!
To round out the Star Destoyer wave a new scuplted Dengarwith backpack.

If you head is up in the clouds now wait for the next wave,BESPIN
which includes long awaited vintage Cloud Car Pilot, Bespin Leia Gown, and a new sculpt of Lobot(much needed). Our very own
Jimmy is also reporting a new African-American Bespin Guard too!!!

If this was not enough completing the Battle of Yarvin waved is a new
Gold Leader X Wing Pilot!!!WoW!!!!! That Blast came from the Death Star!!!

Others that was mention for basic figures was a Dagobah R2-d2 for Dabobah Wave.

A new Han Endor for the Endor Wave.

From the Prequal are Sly Moore, Senator Yarua, and jedi Pablo Jill.

There will also be some reissue of previously release figures as well
Darth Vader, Leia, etc.

Ultra Figures

 For those who love those furry creatures with attitude, an ULTRA Ewok2 Pack with Catapult is planned.

Vechicles,Exclusive, and the Rest

Sandcrawler is coming to Target.  You already knew that. But did
you know that Target will also carry Star Wars drinking glasses packed
with exclusive figures? Cool Concept!!!!!

A new Tie Fighter with more accurately wings as well as new color verson of the Y-Wing and X-wing(Gold Leader) will be dogfighting as an exclusive for a retailer.

Muti-packs to be release includes themes from NABOO FINAL BATTLE,

Another large 12" exclusive for Kaybee is also planned with the same pricepoint as the Gamorrean Guars..... more detail to follo. Could this
very well be the Momaw Nadon that we heard about awhile ago!!!!!

All for now!!!! Stan
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2003, 06:48 PM »
Admiral Ozzi -
I'm excited about this one. I want this, maybe more than one.

TIE Pilot -
I may get it, I'm a big TIE fan.

Cloud Car Pilot -
May get two, uncertain.

Leia Bespin Gown -
May not get it.

Lobot -
Will definately get this.

Dagobah R2D2 -
No thanks.

Dengar -
I'll pick this guy up.

Gold Leader -
May get two.

Han Endor -
I'll wait till I see it first.

Senator Yarua -
Definately gonna buy this.

Sky Moore -
Probably won't buy.

Pablo Jill -
Probably won't buy.

Ewok w/ catapult -
Might pick up two.

B'ommar Monk & Bubo -
Definately gonna buy.

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2003, 07:35 PM »
Some exciting things that I'd not expected...  TIE Pilot namely.  I have an army of the original.  I sort of hope the new one doesn't put it to shame, but at least the POTF2 wasn't TOO bad and the pack-ins have been a little better looking too.

Hmmm, "Max articulation" huh?  I'll believe that when I see it...  If they're taking a few pages from 21st Century Toys and BBi's articulation book though (Much like they're doing with G.I. Joe figures here and there) then it could be a great thing, but Hasbro's idea of "Max" articulation and other companies ideas of that are very different.

If the upcoming Clone is indicative of what to expect though it could be a truly great thing, and Hasbro could be a dominant company when it comes to 3.75"/1:18 articulation styling.  I'm hoping for great things with this announcement but I hold reservations about the ability of Hasbro to truly come through on it.

We shall see though!

Oh, and yet another TIE Fighter?  Hmmm, why not just do it right in the first place, ya know?  Oh well...  If this is the truly "Proper" TIE we all wanted in the first place, then sign me up for as many as I can find...  I want a full squad of these badboys!  :)  Hell, I'd buy just the pods if Hasbro made them available, so I could improve my Interceptor flight too.  Hmmm, could the Interceptors be next (released with new pods that is)???  

Good news for sure.  2004 and this tail end of 2003 are shaping up to be a fun time to collect once again.  Thank god 2002-2003's "dark times" are gone.  Easily this has been the worst year for collecting IMO, from a distribution standpoiont to an overall quality standpoint, and I for one am happy to see things turning the way the line needs them to for it to truly thrive!
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2003, 07:50 PM »
I am concerned with the price of the new TIE,could be hiked up to 40 :o
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2003, 08:07 PM »
D_C_F just remember that the TIE out now was a KB exclusive and aside from the fact of it being an exclusive... it's a KB exclusive which automatically makes it more over priced than if it was anyone else exclusive.

I have not heard of this piece... but I can look into more...
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2003, 10:22 PM »
Hey Jimmy,
 Have you heard from your source from hong kong on the stuff that was
listed on galtichunter- any word if the new tie is a new sculpt. Any other
new figures you can share would be greatly appreicated. thanks!!!

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2003, 10:41 PM »
Hey guys they listed a gold leader x-wing pilot- I thought gold was
the y-wing pilot  and  red leader (Graven Dreis)was the X Wing Pilot
can any one shed some light on this.  We must also be get get a Mos Isly
wave at some point since Hem Dazzon is coming.

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #7 on: October 13, 2003, 12:20 AM »
It all sounds great to me.  I hope the Dagobah R2 signals a Dagobah wave with the Luke and Yoda we've all been waiting for.  That would just be too good to be true.  Very pleased with the Bespin wave, but still a little sore about the lack of PT figs.  From the sounds of it, with the possibility of the OT on DVD this time next year, there's a reason.

Naboo Final Battle - Obi, Maul, Qui-Gon?

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #8 on: October 13, 2003, 01:27 AM »
Wow, pretty amazing list that is.  Thanks Jimmy/Stan.

Question:  will the Dagobah R2 just be a re-release of the mucked up R2 with Luke's Dagobah X-wing?  Would be a cheap way to get a new carded figure out.
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #9 on: October 13, 2003, 02:32 AM »
It all sounds good to me!  2004 is going to be better than 1995 - 2003 combined!  OT focus continuing, and "MAX" articulation.  Most excellent!   8)  

Admiral Ozzel - obviously a great choice.  Nice to finally knock one more of the Impy Officers off the list.

New Imperial TIE Pilot - OK.  The old one was cool, but hopefully the added articulation on this one will be worth it.

Cloud Car Pilot - Always fun to knock another Vintage figure off the list.  Cool!  Better be gettin' a ride for this poor fella soon though!

Leia Bespin Gown - The PLC one was pretty nice, but I'll take a new one.

Lobot - Along with R5, the most needed resculpt around, so a great choice here.  The Bespin dioramas will finally get a normal look now!

Dagobah R2-D2 - The last R2 still needed after the Bartender version announcement.  I don't count that X-Wing one, since that was just speckled on spotted paint.  NO WAY they card that piece of crap.  Use a better R2 body, and give it a proper Dagobah muck job, and this will be a cool figure.  Toss in a few of Luke's accessories too!

Dengar - Already announced, but will be nice to get a more ESB accurate version.

Gold Leader X-Wing Pilot - Whether this is actually Gold or Red Leader, it should be cool!  Might be both.  I wonder if it'll be coming WITH the new Y-Wing and X-Wing, or separately?

New Han Endor - Old one's fine, but if this one improves on it then that's cool with me.  I'd assume a cloth cape this time 'round...

I'd still like to see some more freakin' Cantina aliens though!  Where the hell are they?!?   :-\  Or might they be in that bizarre new "Drinking Glass" assortment...?  Perhaps!   8)  Granted, that's not going to be my most favorite packaging in the world, but it should be fun if they're actually functional glasses...

Sly Moore and the Wookie Senator are definitely good additions from the Senate, and much requested ones at that...  One step closer to our ET?  ;)

Pablo Jill - No complaints when another Jedi gets added into the mix!  I'm sure those Pable Jill petitioners are rejoicing in the streets right now...    :P

Ewok w/ Catapult - The final piece that rounds out the Ultra line.  Another nice one, and nod to the Vintage era.  Hopefully we get an Ewok/Glider soon too (besides the Complete Galaxy one).

Sandcrawler - Expected, but about time!  Target?  Cool!  Same for the new X-Wing and Y-Wing.  Hopefully they stick with the more accurate PowerFX version for the former.

New Tie Fighter with properly scaled wings...?  WTF?!?   >:(  Exactly why would they waste their damned time putting out the KB version with crappy wings, if they had a proper one, like what we've all been asking for, already in the works?!?  Damned idiots.  My prediction:  Hasbro gives us the correctly scaled wings finally, but puts the OLD cockpit with the handle/battery compartment on it!!!  OK, I'm kidding, hopefully...  If they do get the correct wings, with the correct cockpit, this will be a beautiful, long overdue, and greatly demanded ship.  Just no idea why they had to put out the half-assed KB one right now though...   ::)   :-\

Sounds like 3 new Screen Scenes too!  Pit of Carkoon, Naboo Final Battle & another Jedi Council set...  Absolutely awesome!  Can't wait for these, and hopefully many more...

Another great day of Star Wars news (whether these have been mentioned before or not)!  But let's please try to keep this thread about the figures themselves from now on...  Thanks!   :-*
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2003, 06:53 AM »
Jimmy, I can see how you might be right regarding the TIE Fighter listing.  I'd be very surprised if Hasbro released two distinctly different TIE Fighters in the course of two years.  I'm just curious how long you've had the info floating around.

I'm certainly hoping that the multi-packs listed are Screen Scenes.  I think these have been reasonably successful items.  The Trash Compactor is nowhere to be found, and the Jedi Council and Geonosian War Chamber don't tend to hang around on shelves for too long.

A third Jedi Council set would be most welcome in my collection.  Having a Shaak Ti you can set would be a nice bonus.

The Naboo Final Battle screams the Darth Maul/Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan kenobi duel to me.  I could see these released as two sets.  One with Qui-Gon dueling Darth Maul.  The second as Obi-Wan trapped behind the energy barrier, watching helplessly.

A Pit of Carkoon Screen Scene is a little puzzling to me.  It seems that it could be any of a number of things.  I'd be genuinely surprised if it's our heroes from the Skiff.  The only other settings I could see as likely candidates are the Sail Barge deck, with gunners, guards & Luke.  The other would be in Jabba's chamber on the Sail Barge, with his various alien hangers-on and C-3PO watching through the blinds.  Not terribly exciting stuff, though.  My money would be on the Sail Barge deck, as it might integrate with the POTJ Deluxe Leia's Sail Barge Cannon.

Just my two cents worth.
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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #11 on: October 13, 2003, 09:40 AM »
I was pretty psyched to see this list as well, especially with the big focus on the OT.  It would just be the icing on the cake if, as someone mentioned above, the focus is due in part to the DVDs being released next year (as rumored).  2004 would just be too great then :).  As far as the figures, I am really excited for all of these.  If they turn out as good as they could be, and in line with what we have seen already for late 2003 and 2004...I really think 2004 could be one of the best collecting years ever.  It seems like Hasbro is really listening to what we have to say, and we're getting much of what we've been asking for over the years.  I know many people despise resculpts of the main characters, but honestly, the versions they are supposedly releasing are ones I have wanted for awhile...Hoth Luke, Jedi Luke, Bespin Leia, Dagobah R2, Skiff Lando, and especially Endor Han.  I've kind of been wanting a non-buff version with a nice trenchcoat...that was my favorite vintage figure as a kid.  Plus, all of the other figures/vehicles sound great too...Ozzel, Lobot, Pablo Jill, Wookie Senator, Ewoks w/ catapult, so much to list.  I really hope that most of this turns out to be true, my wallet's going to be suffering next year if it is though :).

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2003, 10:21 AM »
I am already hyped for 2004.  I know Jimmy had mentioned most of this stuff already.  It's great to get early scoops.  So, I always look forward to a post from Jimmy.  Who wouldn't?  Good job!  

Anyway I am please to hear about most of the stuff that's coming.  

Bespin Gown Leia - Yes!  I know the one with the Leia collection was ok but honestly I wanted a better one.  Hope this one is.  

Ewok Catapult - I am hoping for 2 new ewoks with this one and heck a catapult can't be bad.  Right?  

Drink Glasses & figures - I don't care to get glasses so I hope the figures are something that we all want.  Otherwise this will be staying on the shelves.

Lobot - I don't know if I will get one.  Lobot is one of those figures I have that's ok with me.  Not great but I don't really care if they ever made redid it again.  

Admiral Ozzel - Well this is a no-brainer.  I will get this for certain

Cloud Car Pilot - Great!  Now we just need the Cloud Car itself.  

Pablo Jill - Yep the last Jedi I want from AOTC.  Well maybe Bultar Swan.  

Senator Yarua - Definitely want it.

Sly Moore - Sure, why not?  

Dagobah R2 - Yes!  Now I don't need to buy that TRU exclusive X-Wing

TIE fighter pilot - You guys can him I got enough pilots

Gold Leader - Yeah, I will get it.  I kind of hope it's a removeable helmet.  

3 New Screen Scenes -  I was hoping for a Cantina scene the most.  The others sound ok.  I am interested the most with the Jabba scene depending on what's in it.  

All in all 2004 is sounding great to me!!

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #13 on: October 13, 2003, 10:56 AM »
Good stuff and to me the GH post just confirms that Jimmy has got the goods and that two sources have confirmed the same things...nice work as always Jimmy and keep 'em coming

Two things that leap out at me, most of the non-winners of the Fan Choice Polls are being made

Bold made, Unbold Yet to be made

FC #1
Ellors Madak
Teemto Pagalies
Eeth Koth
Bom Vimdin

FC #2
Yarael Poof
Admiral Ozzel
Major Derlin
Ben Quadinaros

FC #3
Ephant Mon
Twi'lek Masseuse
R1 Droid
General Rieekan
Even Piell

FC #4
Concept Stormtrooper
General Rieekan
Imperial Dignitary
Endor Rebel in Biker Scout Disguise

FC #5
Captain Antilles Winner
General Dodonna
Wookiee Senator
Ben Quadinaros

The other is that I got the following of my current top 50...

Admiral Ozzel
Cloud Car Pilot
Sly Moore
Gold Leader
Red Leader (I'm assuming one will come carded the other with the X-Wing)

The others sound cool with some much needed resculpts (Dengar, Lobot and Leia), not to hip on the screen scene selections but I'll probably all of it!

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Re: MORE NEW FOR 2004!!!!!!
« Reply #14 on: October 13, 2003, 10:59 AM »
I think the Sly Moore figure will be pretty cool.
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