Author Topic: Anybody need a doombot?  (Read 561 times)

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Anybody need a doombot?
« on: March 24, 2004, 05:22 PM »
I have two (well, three including my own).  They are both bilingual/bilogo (french and english).  One is with the poster (more common to Canuckada) the other is with the comic (like the US version).  

I have no doubt we could come to an agreement, I collect too much crap.  I'd love a red skull but that might be setting my expectations too high.  LMK if you need it and we'll chat. ;)
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Re: Anybody need a doombot?
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2004, 09:41 AM »
Hey there.  do you still have Doc Doom??  heres a link to my list, check it out for a trade maybe??;action=display;threadid=3670
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