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Re: Are you having fun collecting?
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2004, 12:59 AM »
Thanks for everyone sharing their take on things, I think I have a lot better perspective now with a few days to digest and slow my pace from a frantic pursuit of figures. I envy you guys that have the control to not go completist on things or see it all with a more level head. I'm glad I'm not alone on some of my concerns and happy to see some others are getting a lot more out of the year for the positive, too.

Like Matt said, I'm definitely impatient, but I also have this nasty tendency to go into full pursuit mode when I know I've just missed something. I just didn't let up on my search after finding two Vaders last week, but not Yoda. I went hell-bent to track him down. No patience, that's for sure. I'd probably make a great US Marshal though.  ;)

So, a little more chilled out and after sitting down and looking over my OTC stuff, I thought some more about it, and saw the positives again. I really do dig the OTC stuff, like the new figures, and I love the packaging. On the whole I really like the VOTC, too. I'll even concede that the rehash figures in the standard line that are repainted are pretty neat, all things considered.

Hopefully I can just try to be a little mellower about the rehash exclusives that have me so wound up. Those are the things that are annoying me the most this year. There's just too many I don't like.

I'm pretty much in the same situation like jokabofe mentioned, that I don't have a route anymore to hunt while en-route to anywhere, so if I go on a hunt, it's exclusively for just that - searching. So I'll probably be forever frustrated by that aspect, so should keep a level headed perspective on it and just stick to my EE orders, JediMAC criticism be damned!  :-*

So maybe I'm back on the road to enjoying this whole hobby again.  :)

tydirium you know I really believe we all get like that from time to time. i dropped out of collecting during sagaI wasn't in "pursuit" mode as you have described it.I was smart enough to keep enough interest to look for ephont man and a few others, but I left most of the easy figures(to collect )on the shelves until about 2 weeks ago.  I become obsessive compulsive about my collecting. I've learned that spacing things out and timing is everything. I've discovered that once the first reports come out of new merchandise hitting the shelves in other regions I have about 3-4 week before it gets here to the big D. So I start my search and destroy missions then. All in all I am a carded completionist and I'm extremely picky about the cards I get. So don't think oyur alone we all have our collecting quirks,buts it alright think of it as something that keeps the hobby fun. Good luck on your hunts!!!
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