Author Topic: Star Wars toys and value: what will happen?  (Read 1306 times)

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Star Wars toys and value: what will happen?
« on: June 1, 2004, 01:16 PM »
Sorry if it's in the wrong forum, it applies to all lines and eras.  

With a new movie coming out, I'm curious as to what will happen to the value of toys in the short term?  No, I'm not speculating, just curious, I collect and open my toys for the most part, so I've killed any true residual value in most of them anyway.  

But I am curious what people think will happen to the various lines/eras of the toys.  I don't think anything unusual will happen with OTC stuff, being a new release.  Those that are impatient will always be as such and pay too much, but after the dust settles and lots of stock is out there, most of it should be pretty easy to come by.  

With respect to VOTC, I'm not clear what should or will happen.  Hasbro has of course stated that this will be an extremely limited line ::).  The question remains as to the veracity of that statement, but I suppose we'll see.  I think this line has potential for value, due to the quality of the figures and the nifty card backs.  

With respect to everything else modern; POTF2 through Saga is where I am really curious.  My tenure on star wars boards started in earnest just before the release of Episode II.  I had been reading snowtroopers, CSW and RS for years, but never participated.  I didn't pay too much attention to pricing for stuff prior to Ep II but noted that the prices for most things, figure wise anyway, started to drop within about 9 months of Ep II.  Prices sat high during the in-theater rush of Star Wars enthusiasm and has been steadily dropping since.  Does anyone think we will see the prices of common stuff eg. POTF2 mail aways increase in price or has the market set itself and interest dwindled sufficiently to stabilize the price market??  I was absolutely amazed to be able to buy lots of army builders off RS for about $2 or less per figure.  And not necessarily POTF2 stormies, these were Saga royal guards or even POTJ Coruscant Guards.  Do you think we'll see a glut of new fans in the short term, driving prices up followed by a precipitous crash, a la Ep II?  

Finally vintage figures?  I know Matt (Fish) has made the comment about values going up of recent.  Interestingly Dale and I noted just the opposite to some degree, with a bit of a dip in prices.  The value here is of particular interest to me as I try to finish up the vintage figures.  I've been at it for almost exactly a year and have about 25 or so to go.  On the positive side, I am about 1/2-2/3 through the last 17.  Some stubborn figures are left to get, though I managed to luck into an Amanaman of late.  So what say you?  Vintage value: up or down?  Short term or long term?  
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Re: Star Wars toys and value: what will happen?
« Reply #1 on: June 2, 2004, 10:27 AM »
Vintage = up over time
Modern = down over time

I still think that Vintage figures will hold their "value", because as time goes by, bubbles yellow and there will always be people looking to upgrade their collection, find carded figures, etc.

Modern lines though have 100,000 people all stashing 2-3 carded figures.  WAY more supply than demand.  Every "high-priced" Modern figure has decreased over time.  Remember when Tan-Vest Jedi Luke was $125? Now he goes for $15.  Even TF Vader and Sacul have been quietly slipping in price from the outragweous $300 they started at.

IF the vOTC are going to be as limited as they say, they will probably do pretty well.  This has more to do with the vintage nostalgia factor.  It's those cardbacks that will keep those figures valuable.

As for the modern OTC line, well... it will be lucky to hold it's value through the end of the year, being clearancesd at $2 each by the end of the year :P


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