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Re: OTC...Selling that Well?
« Reply #15 on: October 6, 2004, 02:59 PM »
As far as the regular OTC figures go, it has been a total bust.  All I see on the pegs are Cantina Hans, Dagobah R2s, Bossks, Bespin Lukes, IG-88s, and ANH R2s, and they are there in multiples.  Believe it or not, the stores I have been to have gotten more cases of the Executor/Yavin/Jabba's Palace waves of Saga in the last month or two than they have OTC stuff.  I have not seen any OTC figures past the TIE Pilot assortment, and with the pegs clogged with the above OTC figures and the sea of final Saga waves (minus, of course, the Endor wave, which nobody could find very easily), I probably won't find the AT-ST Han or the Scanning Trooper this time around either.

VOTC is one large sea of ANH figures.  I've seen remnants of the ESB wave (a slightly damaged Yoda and a Lando) and I got the two "hard" figures from ROTJ (Fett and the Stormie) by chance, but that was on one single occasion.  Every store has peg upon peg of the ANH figures, with WM holding the record as to how many they can squeeze on a peg.  They have four pegs stuffed full at one WM, with about two cases worth just sitting on the shelves.  Good luck finding a Darth Vader kids! ::)

While WM won't restock because they have no room due to all the old stuff, Target just doesn't seem to care if they restock at all.  I was hoping that they would do *something* what with the sale this week and all, but they have four pegs set aside for VOTC with only three figures on them (Han and 2 Bens), the everpresent MF, X-Wing, and TIEs that have been there since they got the first case a few months back, eight of the Obi-Wan Cups, a crapload of Lightsabers, and at least two cases worth of the Executor and Jabba's Palace Saga waves, with a few Cantina Hans mixed in.  No sign of nor any shelf space set aside for the Slave I, and they haven't touched the Galactic Heroes pegs (four of them, currently occupied by a single Luke and R2 pack) in the last month. 

Given my dim view on life though, Target will restock out the wazoo once the sale is over and they can get full price for everything again. 

On a semi-related note, can anyone who has gotten them yet say whether or not the post-OTC/pre-ROTS waves (the ones with Celebration Amidala and the Coruscant folks) are under a new case assortment number or are they still listed under the same UPC as the OTC stuff?  If they're the same UPC/SKU, then it's going to be pure hell finding the Episode III Preview figures once they finally get released.