Author Topic: Pack in Figure Question (Future Re-releases?)  (Read 1115 times)

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Pack in Figure Question (Future Re-releases?)
« on: October 6, 2004, 07:33 PM »
Regarding pack in figs and exlcusive figs that have been released over the years, what are the possibility of some of these being released on basic carded figs?  Seeing Hasbro release the Scanning Trooper on the OTC card  gives me some hope that a few more figs will finally be released this way. Namely figs like Muftak, Kabe, Oola, Cantina Band Member, Wedge (from Cinema Scene), Skiff Guards etc.  Am I in the minority wanting some of these?  On a side note, I wish Hasbro would of put Amanaman on the OTC card.  I know it pegwarmed alot of places but the bright yellow set against that Black Card would of been sweet looking IMO. 


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Re: Pack in Figure Question (Future Re-releases?)
« Reply #1 on: October 6, 2004, 07:46 PM »
I still think an A-wing pilot is in dire need of a carded release. Not that the pack-in one was great, but I think they can kit-bash something pretty good by now.

I'd also go for a kit-bashed Spirit Anakin from the Jedi Spirits 3-pack using the paint app styles developed for Dagobah Obi-Wan with an Ep3 Hayden headswap (blasphemy!).

General Veers is the other pack-in that comes to mind we desperately need done right.