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The Official Darth Big Boy, Bearer of Bad Celebrity News RIP Thread

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Wow - my search must have been sloppy.

Adding Yinka Dare now.

Any thread that bears witness to Ivar Hansen is automatically fantastic!

That said, I love this thread!!


--- Quote from: Kneel Before Zod on October 11, 2004, 04:38 PM ---10/27/03 - Carpeteria got to Rod Roddy first.

--- End quote ---

i got to rod roddy a lot more than that time.

looks like wormie also got both rick james and marlon brando, on 8/6/04 and 7/02/04 respectively.

Red_Butcher got the scoop on julia child, 8/13/04.

sonic_death dished the dirt on art carney on 11/11/03 as well as fred "rerun" berry on 10/22/03

you got fay wray on 8/9/04.

AGMB reported on jonathan brandis on 11/21/03

there are many more. it's slow for me too.

and let's not forget this thread:

the non-dead of 2003

so far, all mentioned still stand in 2004.

The non-dead of 2003 was one of my favorite threads of 2003, thanks for the memories :)

Ghost of Virex:
What about me? :'(


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