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More Army Builder Packs to Follow?

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So with all these Clonetrooper Packs appearing at EE, what are the chances that more will follow?  I think this may be testing the market for future packs.  Although the price may give Hasbro the wrong idea when not as many are sold because of the inflated price.  Hopefully more will show up in local retail as exclusives at a much cheaper price. 

Jesse James:
At this stage...

I don't know if I want more if they cost this much.  Seriously.

They do them for $20-$25 a set (not a penny more), then perhaps...  I'm even all for them only being done after the figure for within them is done and put out in the basic line ona  single card...

SA (insert army builder name here) figure goes to basic line, then gets mass release in a 4-pack for $25 or less...  That'd be kick ass, but with this precedent being set forth by Entertainment Earth and Hasbro, then I'm skeptical if it's such a good idea anymore.

Something, possibly even THE thing, I've always wanted was pretty much destroyed compeltely by severe price gouging.  To say I'm disappointed this day in collecting is a major understatement. 

I'm just pissed at the price.  I still orderd a 16-pk though.



--- Quote from: Jesse James on January  5, 2005, 07:52 AM ---At this stage...

I don't know if I want more if they cost this much.  Seriously.

--- End quote ---

What if they were VOTC stormies in a plain box mailer?  What would you pay for those?  Would $34.99 be outrageous for a four pack of those?  It would be below retail, though admitedly, perhaps not low enough given the lack of fancy VOTC packaging.

Jesse James:
I've firmly believed that VOTC was $5 worth of packaging (stretched of course...  I don't believe it literally was $5 worth of packaging per se, but I can buy into it being a legitimate reason for costs higher than $5 per figure), and a $5 figure.

That was my take on VOTC though...  I think Super poseable figures are $5 - $6 figures irregardless, especially army builders, and I'm "accepting" (not fond) of the packaging excuse.  Given what it was, it wasn't simple, it wasn't produced in quantities as high as some basic product, and so I can bite on it... 

So with that said, 4 VOTC Stormies in a white mailer box are a $20-$25 set to me as far as personal value goes, and I'd say that overall cost in producing that # would be reasonable at that price while still making lots of profit in my view, since its larger fixed costs would be steadily depreciating and increasing its margin of return then on each unit sold... 

If it got to be more than that price though, I'd have to start considering its worth to me personally, and like with the Clones I'd be less likely to pay the higher price.

However it's classic so it'd draw me in a little more as far as my interest went, but that's personal opinion of value rather than anything based on precedent or whatnot.

I was willing to buy $10 VOTC Stormies though...  If I'd run into them in droves I wouldn't have bought tons, but I did trade and pick up some from people online though.

At $20 - $25 I'd buy lots of sets.  At more than that (dependant on price) I'd get 1 or 2 sets...  At $10 per figure, or $9.50 or so, I'd likely be going with 1 or 2 sets...  Maybe only 1 since I do have some VOTC's here already.

Edited because I wanted to fix a couple thoughts and misspellings


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