Author Topic: Any ROTS Screen Scene Ideas Yet?  (Read 3968 times)

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Re: Any ROTS Screen Scene Ideas Yet?
« Reply #15 on: June 2, 2005, 12:24 AM »


Obi Wan, Owen and Beru Lars w/ baby Luke


Thats the one I want more than anything. They just need to have Leia released somehow.

Bail, Queen of Alderaan, Baby Leia  ;)

That would work, i just dont see that ever happening. Thats why i neglected to mention it. You figure that most cinema scenes they have made, included three figures so technically infant Leia shouldn't count as the third figure.
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Re: Any ROTS Screen Scene Ideas Yet?
« Reply #16 on: June 2, 2005, 05:03 AM »
A scene with Cin Drallig, Anakin(Vader) with Anakin Force Choking that padawan. As seen when Obi Wan replays the holo.
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Re: Any ROTS Screen Scene Ideas Yet?
« Reply #17 on: November 27, 2005, 07:55 AM »
With the ROTS line ending, these could come out in TSC.

Mustafar Slaughter 1:
-ROTS #50 Vader
-NEW Nute Gunray
-POTJ Security Battle Droid
-HoloTable (half piece)

Mustafar Slaughter 2:
-ROTS Neimodian Warrior
-SAGA Wat Tambor
-SAGA San Hill
-HoloTable (half piece)

Battle Of Coruscant:
-ROTS #28 Anakin
-ROTS Count Dooku
-ROTS Palpatine
-Chair for Palpatine

Wookie Enslavement:
-POTJ Scout Trooper (with Kashyyyk colors) x2
-ROTS #43 Wookie Warrior w/ binders

Jedi Temple Massacre 1:
-ROTS Shaak Ti
-ROTS Tactical Ops Trooper
-ROTS #2 Vader
-Section of Jedi Temple wall and floor

Search For Yoda:
-ROTS Mas Amedda
-ROTS #6 ShockTrooper
-ROTS #3 Yoda
-Senate Pod

Jedi Temple Massacre 2:
-ROTS Bail Organa
-ROTS Tactical Ops Trooper
-ROTS Zett Jukassa
-Section of Hangar Bay

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Re: Any ROTS Screen Scene Ideas Yet?
« Reply #18 on: November 28, 2005, 06:52 AM »
-Kashyyyk Beachead:  SA BARC Trooper, Repaint Preview Wookiee Warrior (new gun), New Sculpt Wookiee Warrior, Beach Obstacle(s).  To me this set would be worth sinking LOTS of money into for army building purposes.

-Temple Investigation:  Yoda, #41 Sculpt 501st Trooper, New 501st Clone w/hideable hole in chest for Yoda's Saber.  Another set I'd buy at least a couple of for the Clones.

-Separatist Assault:  More an army building set than anything, but it'd just be a new SBD, and 2 (non-bendy-cheap-plastic) Battledroids.

-Shaak Ti's Demise:  The prototype Shaak with the chest hole, a good Grievous with removable cloth cape, New Magna Guard (SA).

I'm all for some of these figures making it to basic cards too.  I think Hasbro's short-sighted with figures they slip into "multi-packs" or exclusives and not put out into the basic line.  The Wookiee's, clone's, etc., would all make good basic release to make a little more moolah...  Maybe not when the set's released, but down the road a short foreseeable distance perhaps.

My ideas are more 3-packs and less scenes (kinda lacking in accessories which sorta make the screen scenes what they are), but I think they'd make nice 3-figure boxed sets.  Worth the $15 - $20-ish pricepoint.  I think $20 you HAVE to dish out something special though in that the figures must be highly desireable and new...  The Jedi Council sets have proven that $20 for rehashed crap isn't really acceptable to the masses.
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