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Re: Terminator the Series
« Reply #270 on: May 18, 2009, 12:29 PM »
EW has a report on the Fox season:

'Cold Case' renewed, 'Sarah Connor' axed, and more

I just made the following updates to my Fall TV Cheat Sheet:

• CBS: Cold Case has been renewed for a seventh season. However, Without a Trace is looking "unlikely" to return, insiders confirm.
• ABC: The Unusuals has been officially canceled.
• Fox: Sarah Connor Chronicles has been officially canceled.

Fall TV Cheat Sheet:

24: Already renewed.
American Dad: Already renewed.
American Idol: Already renewed.
Bones: Sure thing. Now officially renewed for two seasons.
Dollhouse: Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot. Prospects brightening. Now officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Family Guy: Already renewed.
Fringe: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.
House: Sure thing.
King of the Hill: Officially canceled.
Kitchen Nightmares: Already renewed.
Lie to Me: Sure thing. Officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Prison Break: Officially canceled.
The Simpsons: Already renewed.
Sit Down, Shut Up: It's a goner.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A long shot. Now officially canceled.
'Til Death: Already renewed (unfortunately).

Fox unveils fall schedule

TSCC was a fun ride, just to late tho.

Edit, just added the Fox release.

FOX's 2009-2010 Schedule: The Press Release
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Re: Terminator the Series
« Reply #271 on: May 18, 2009, 01:03 PM »
Airing two 30 minute sitcoms as a lead-in for Dollhouse is brilliant programming on the part of FOX.  ::)

Couldn't they have paired it with Fringe to make a nice 2 hour science fiction block?  I hate FOX.

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Re: Terminator the Series
« Reply #272 on: May 18, 2009, 01:40 PM »
They could always have just canceled the show.   ;)

They can't justify putting an under-performing show on a prime night.  Bones and Fringe both have solid ratings.  They've earned their slots.  They're actually putting both at risk by dropping them on the ultra-competitive Thursday night.  What happens with Dollhouse if they put it on Thursday and it not only loses to ABC/NBC/CBS but it can't edge out Smallville?  It's gone.  On Fridays if it can keep an audience (something it's hasn't done all that well this year) it can continue to exist, at least.  I know Whedon already said he'd work with a lower budget (apparently he shot an episode on half his normal budget and was happy with the results).  They're doing just about everything they can to give this show a chance to stick.
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Re: Terminator the Series
« Reply #273 on: May 20, 2009, 08:28 AM »
Still not buying that schedule...SYTYCD as part of the fall lineup?  It has never been anything but the bastard step brother of American Idol that they play in the summer.  13 hours of Dollhouse, but on both schedules?  Glee, which premiered this week and has not ratings data in both fall and spring?

I would say the Terminator cancellation was inevitable as Judgement Day.  They may be kicking themselves if the new movie does really well.

I guess we can kiss Fringe goodbye now.  In yet another brilliant move, FOX is putting it up against ratings juggernaut CSI.  Look for Fringe to go on hiatus, end up on Friday and then be cancelled at this time next year.