Author Topic: Photo Request: Obi-Wan's Utapau Starfighter  (Read 1231 times)

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Photo Request: Obi-Wan's Utapau Starfighter
« on: August 2, 2005, 09:21 PM »
Well, since Hasbro is for some reason packing in the label sheet of the mass market Anakin JSF in with the TRU Blue Obi-Wan JSF, I am curious as to which exterior stickers I can affix to the blue one and which ones are not necessary/appropriate.  I've pretty much ruled out the "tally marks" on the sides of the cockpit wall shield above the wings, but I didn't know if the "Open Circle" insignias and the Republic/Jedi symbol were still on it too.

Unfortunately, the only images from the film that I can find online are from the "far off" view of the MagnaGuard as Obi-Wan lands on Utapau.  I recall there being a few good shots of Obi-Wan exiting the ship and walking off the wing when he lands, as well as a good shot of him in the cockpit talking to R4-G9 before he pulls the bait and switch on the Separatists, but none of those stills have surfaced online.

So, I throw myself onto the mercy of the JD image folks in the hopes that someone might have some photos of the blue JSF that I can use as a guide on how to apply the stickers to the fourth Jedi Starfighter I have purchased this year.  Thanks in advance! :)