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Help from fans
« on: August 26, 2005, 05:15 AM »
:'( Hi there fellow fans this is bilbo in the Uk , I have some sad news 2weeks ago Ilost a large part of my Star Wars collection in a house fire, I would like to ask fellow fans for there help in rebuilding that part of my collection agian,,, I hope to do this quickly and as cheaply as possable, So if anyone has loose figures from the EP1, OTC,OTCV COLLECTIONS, OR SPARE FIGURES ,PLEASE HELP!!!!,  :'( :'( I wish to state that this is no scam or con!! I am a collector who has had a bad moment in  collecting and I am wait to hear from fans who will  be willing to help and not take the P ***** out of someones misfortune!
  Thanks for reading  this , I am one upset star wars fan, :'(
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