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Re: Bare Pegs
« Reply #30 on: March 10, 2006, 05:17 PM »

But at a Walmart today, I spoke to the manager who claimed to recieve an email that said Hasbro is having problems making the figures, and that the pegs would be bare for a while.


That's right up there with a random store manager declaring, "Walmart has discontinued carrying the Star Wars line!"  Yeah right.  I've heard that once a year since the 90's.   ::)

Heard that one a few times myself from WM Managers. Question else do you explain the long delay between shipments? I think it's plausible that there's a manufacturing could be more likely that the retailers weren't prepared for the type of demand they're facing on the TSC. Hence Hasro would not be ready as their orders amounts to be filled were small as per requested by retail. Now that retail is screaming at Hasbro to kick these out, Hasbro isn't ready(doesn't have it produced yet).

There's gotta be some reason for this....