Author Topic: The Official Darth Big Boy, Bearer of Bad Celebrity News RIP Thread  (Read 361795 times)

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Rome... Punisher... he'll be in Ahsoka soon...

I wonder how they’ll handle it on the show? (Assuming his character survives season 1.)

Time for a quick re-write if necessary...

Also, Tina Turner.  She rocked, and was pretty sweet in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

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Ray Stevenson passing was a bit of a shock.  I really enjoyed him in ROME.  And he played the comic relief bit really well in the Thor movies.  I'm also wondering what becomes of his character in the Ahsoka series.

And today it's Tina Turner?!?!?!  Sad news.  I know she had been out of the public eye for some time.  But if there's anyone who's second act in life was triumphant, I think it's her.  She went through hell with Ike, and it was really good to see her shine on her own.
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