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Admiral Ackbar
« on: May 9, 2012, 09:30 AM »
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Re: Admiral Ackbar
« Reply #1 on: May 9, 2012, 08:13 PM »
The new Ackbar is incredible.  Amazing the detail they can get on figures these days.

I enjoyed the vintage figure mainly because he was a mail-a-way figure...and a cool alien!
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Re: Admiral Ackbar
« Reply #2 on: May 9, 2012, 08:30 PM »
I enjoyed the vintage figure mainly because he was a mail-a-way figure...and a cool alien!

That's how I got mine.  Gotta love the guy.  "It's a trap!"

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Re: Admiral Ackbar
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2012, 11:57 PM »
I never had Ackbar as a kid...  Didn't get one till much later in life, but he's a fantastic character.  He represented, to me anyway, that grit that the Alliance had, plus its diversity.  He was an obvious high ranking guy in the film, and one of my favorite moments of ROTJ was easily when the SSD Executor is taken out, and Ackbar's head solemnly dips down. 

It was like a weight was off his shoulders...  that whole scene, with the A-Winger crashing into the bridge and Ackbar's reaction after it crashes, it's just epic to me.  It embodied the Rebellion's "every man" moment.  Tired, but seeing that their work's paid off and that they can win.

I always found it odd that he and Madine came with sticks...

I know CLone Wars is now trying to say his stick shoots, but that's lame.  I still say it's just his TV remote to the holo projector and that's all.

I liked the POTF2 figure, actually.  It was one of those ones I wasn't ashamed of, and I love the Mon Cal Crewmen too.  I have a quite sizable force of those weirdoes.

Flash forward to the TVC figure, and well, it's obviously superior.  It's one of the rare instances today of a figure without ankle articulation though!  And I'm ok with that, but just wish prices would drop if they're cutting anything like that.  It's one guy, so it's not worth a revolution, but still, they shouldn't be cutting corners with things being what they are right now with this line.

That said, the lack of ankles on Ackbar also highlights a point I've been making for years...  Ankle joints are probably the most expendable point of articulation on these figures, so long as the figure's legs are sculpted in a nice, simple, neutral pose.  No bent ankles, none of that silliness.  Like the Death Star Gunner, or the Saga AT-AT Driver, the knee joint makes the figure pretty much as poseable as you need without ankle joints.  They're cool, don't get me wrong, but they're the single point that I think damn near every figure could do without if it meant figures for a little less.

Especially the more obscure you get...  Jedi, Troopers...  OK, it's appreciated.  Ackbar?  Senators?  I would live without it for sure.

Now, all that said, the new Ackbar is exquisite...  Details galore, depth galore.  I wish he had his chair, but TVC packaging being what it is, it wasn't likely from the start, and that is what makes me long for 30AC type packaging.  Remember the days when figures were coming with bar pieces, and tables, and we were floored by it?  I miss that too.  Ackbar today is great.  But the same figure a few years ago seems to me like he might've been 10x better and we didn't even realize it!

Now, I wonder, will we see a re-release of this Ackbar, with slight changes, as a Mon Cal Crewman update?  I like the ones I have, but I have to admit, this Ackbar has me thinking they too could be improved.

I just hope they change his shoes up so he is rocking the keds, and of course his skin color, a new rank badge, and a little brain bucket would be appreciated.  I'll live with my POTJ ones though, but this Ackbar is inspiring.

He's a truly great figure, and came with the appropriate gear and then some.  He wasn't hard to get despite the wave he was in being hit and miss depending on your neck of the woods.  I'm thankful I got some extras even.  I really hope we see him out again with his seat though.  Dunno why that seat's so appealing, but it is.
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