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The Black Series 3.75" / Wanted corrected carry forwards
« on: September 5, 2014, 09:13 PM »
Hi collectors

We have seen at black series some corrections of past line, like the Dak Ralter tvc into tbs getting his darker boots.
The TBS #21 Luke Skywalker (dagobah training) could perhaps get the correction of the current irregular hair paintjob and darker boots to differentiate them from the pants.

I checked at this blog, one unit of this figure which spots almost complete brown paint on the hair.

Maybe tvc dagobah landing Luke could get longer legs to deal with his arms.

I thought I could buy one Dagobah Luke like the one on the quoted blog, but at a mall,
in my country, after visiting 2 shops, both units presented the premature baldness issue,
which is really disgusting.

Which figures will you buy if Hasbro corrects errors in upcoming carry forwards?

Do you think is more likely to correct paintjobs rather than sculpts?

Thanks for your attention.

Hello guys, I write you all to initiate a new topic about what could mean a realy ultimate 6 inches black series classic darth vader.

I appologize in advance if it could be a very subtle detail, perhaps no significative.... but in a year we estimate that we are offered aproximately 3 to 5 Darth Vader figures, mainly in 3.75 inches.

Since we found lots of HD photos of props, behind the scenes in facebook, or the whole internet,
We discovered that the mask, dome and collar of Darth Vader are not plain uniform black color.

The mask of Vader has a dominó paint job, and I remember some replicas had spotted it.

I got my first Luke pilot from Black Series and it is sculpted with a realism that outmatched previous versions.

So, in search of that realism, do you think Hasbro could give us the ultimate Black series 6 inches sith lord Vader with a dominó mask?
I mean by "dominó" the degradé and alternated parts of silver and black.

Do you think it could be so expensive for Hasbro?

I expect that for a Black Series 6 inches, even the different shades of black among cape, suit and armour.

And finally a removable mask helmet or an alternate Sebastian Shaw head.

Today I picked up #01 Luke Skywalker (luke pilot from anh). Excelent Figure.

Power of the Force 2 / POTF2 Recent Purchases
« on: August 15, 2011, 03:56 PM »
Hello there, as an adult collector I suppose most of you are still buying the potf2 figure you have missed in the late 90s. If you pick them at retail, briantoys, ebay, walmart or wherever you choose, this will be the opportunuty to regitrate our purchases and comment the likes on these potf2 depictions of classic characters.

So I was buying at retail during may and july some characters like

the classic stormie with commtech; at at driver which I liked a lot beacuse his combination of different gray shades for boots, suit, etc is superb and more definite than tlc or saga versions.

On previous years I got Thawn, death star trooper and the Jedi Duel tri pack.

I still want to get more potf2 characters and read about your findings.

The Legacy Collection / Walmart Legacy Collection AT-ST
« on: March 31, 2009, 01:06 AM »
Rumors about the legacy version of the scout walker appear today 30 th march on rebelscum
A highly detailed cockpit, taller At st, movable guns and legs, open hatch and an atst driver included.

I hope it comes with a nice paint job like endor version. This is a want for most of us, so I ask you What do you expect for this toy in decoration, articulation, paint job, etc?

Hello comunity, I thought in the possibility for Sideshow to make the conversion from 12 inches to 3 3/4 scale in action figures. I would buy them if they make em someday. For example, we always wanted a stormie with a highly detailed armor, this could be achieved by following the scale and the proportions.

This could be done, because Gentle Giant did the same with the minibust line to the bust up line, only changing clay for plastic.

Sideshow has talented sculptors, and if in that scale, they can´t recreate the whole cloths, they could build the action figures like Hasbro does. Sideshow must focus on capes and robes for these smaller action figures.

Vintage Kenner / Action Figures with incorrect gun
« on: November 4, 2008, 11:29 PM »
Sometimes auctions offer an action figure in a wrong card or with an incorrect weapon. In the 80´s I picked a vintage stormtrooper with a jawa blaster. This gun always sliced from his hand.

Did you buy accidentaly when you were children an action figure (vintage) with an incorrect weapon?

The Prequel Trilogy / A suitable name for Yoda´species: Elftein
« on: November 2, 2008, 12:39 PM »
Hi this is a proposal for the Yoda species name, yet unknown in the star wars universe. Yoda in esb acted like an elf from the woods. Elfs are spiritual kind, gentle and wise creatures. Besides, Lucas and Keshner told that Yoda expression was caught upon Albert Einstein eyes, a wise scientist who also devoted time for the arts like music. I blend both influences and this is no joke guys, I created this name for that race, highly important for star wars galaxy: Elftein

Do you agree? This is with all respect and care.

What other names would you propose and how do you define the race of Yoda according to the influences that created this character?

May the Force be with you

The Original Trilogy / In what thing could IG88 spend his money?
« on: September 10, 2008, 12:13 PM »
Star Wars Universe has all kind of bounty hunters, inclusive droids. Ig88 are a family of droids built for assassination, the most famous is ig88 B (The droid from esb). Ever I have wondered what use of money could make a droid? Well, Ig 88 has a space ship, he spends money in weapons, grenades, batteries, he could listen to music and buy cds or so on. But he can´t spend money on food and drinks, he is a machine.

If a droid is an art collector he could buy statues, vases, maquettes, books, holocrons, etc.

But why these droids need money? What is the ultimate use of monet for them?

Hey Hasbro! / Hasbro should offer build a trooper bonus action figures
« on: September 8, 2008, 05:03 PM »
Today we are buying the build a droid bonus parts with TLC action figures, it i :)s great. But in the near future Hasbro could make a campaing of building your bonus trooper.

For example black stormies, white stormies with removable helmet, imperial gunners, atst drivers,
rebel fleet troopers, hoth troopers or endor troopers.

Or perhaps they could launch a "Build a pilot campaing", the figures could be known pilots or generic pilots like awing, b wing, x wing, tie pilots, etc.

If you agree with this idea, please propose which trooper you would want to build in such a promotion for the future. :)

We are now buying TLC action figures. In some cases, the bubbles hold very tight the action figures, so it is difficult to return them to their original boxes. The boxes are great, well decorated. But I remember the potf2 bubbles, they hold action figures loose and let us store them quickly in their original blisters.

Perhaps Hasbro could improve the bubbles, making them a bit more loose. Mainly the limbs of toys are hold very tight, and more when they hold some weapon.

Come on, share your opinions about TLC bubbles.

The Original Trilogy / How did Jabba the Hutt get so much power?
« on: August 1, 2008, 10:09 PM »
In OT we learnt Jabba is wealthy, has a lot of henchmen, guards, ships, he can hire bounty hunters
But how did he summon so much power? The hutts have no legs, only hands, I wonder if Nal Hutta Technology was very advanced before the Hutts entered in Tatoine.

In EU other Hutts show that level of wealth, and are protected by many henchmen too.

Are all the Hutts wealthy on Nall Hutta, so they accumulate enough money to hire warriors and live in palaces? Does Nal Hutta produce natural resources that generate this wealth?

The Hutt appaearence suggets that they can´t fight properly against biped species in the galaxy. We can assume they have strenght due to their weight, and they can handle blasters and arpoons.

Come on share your opinions about the power of Jabba and his relatives.

It would be a challenge for HASBRO, imagine what will happen if they release a Darth Vader with removable helmet showing David Prowse or Bob Anderson´s head?
More, a Boba Fett with removable blaster and Jeremy Bullock's head?
They could bring the head of formers stormtrooper and sandtroopers actors, the original cast
as a variaton for stormies,
All could be playeable, wanted for collectors, good sculpted.....

Come on share your opinions gently. :)

The Prequel Trilogy / How powerfoul would be Darth Plaguies?
« on: July 6, 2008, 11:36 PM »
Darth Plagueis should be as powerful as Palpatine? Or Palpy should be the strongest sith ever?
Who got more sith skills from Korriban?
If Palpatine/Sidious killed Plagueis, was it a betrayal or a clash? If so why Palpy couldn´t fight him fairly?

In an upcoming Plagueis novel, will we learn from him facing Yoda at least once in history? (I speculate so because Yoda lived 900 years)

Well, I gently ask your opinions, share your thoughts about this stage of SW timeline.


Hasbro could re issue these items with the correspondent Sebastian Shaw Head
I WOULD buy a Tac 16 vader if he represents correlation with the timeline, I think is an error to represent the father of the same age of the son, furthermore, Vader in anh has participated in lots of adventures and this is shown in his maturity.
For Anakin Force Spirit is a matter to satisfy fans of the Ot, I don´t hate Hayden, but I don´t approve this unnecesary handicap to an actor. His merits are shown in aotc and rots.

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