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Images for a wave 2 of ROTJ figures coming in a box set have surfaced.

The 6 figures are Admiral Ackbar, Gamorrean Guard, Emperor's Royal Guard, Wicket, Yak Face (!) and Mon Mothma (!!)

The Vintage Collection / 2023 HasLab - TVC The Ghost
« on: April 1, 2023, 03:18 PM »
Jayson has begun dropping serious hints that a TVC Ghost HasLab will be announced at Celebration to the tune of $600.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Cardboard Galaxy
« on: June 25, 2018, 09:08 AM »
I have a little business I call Cardboard Galaxy that makes Star Wars displays and playsets, with the focus on cardboard and cardstock as the primary material, as a nod to the very first vintage displays (and also to keep prices low!) My main focus has been the 3 3/4" figure scale, but demand has pushed me into a few 6" scale displays as well (I don't collect 6" myself.)

I posted pics of my Return of the Jedi "Final Duel" Pop-Up Playset elsewhere and was met with excitement, so I figured I'd start a gallery here with some of my favorite Cardboard Galaxy products for everyone to enjoy.

The first range of displays I offered were called "Desktop Displays" which offer several tiers of display space (based on the time-tested "Spice Rack" dislpay style I first encountered with JD's Scott) and were designed to be self-supporting so you can set it up anywhere. The display card sits on chipboard risers, everything folds down flat for easy storage and shipping:

My best seller by miles is a "Bounty Hunter Meeting" two-tiered display:

Last summer I started making much more complex "Pop-Up Playsets" that have been pretty popular. They are all limited edition releases and again are made from cardstock for *******. 

(The second set I designed, this "Jedha Revolt" already sold out!)

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Big Playsets. They are made from chipboard and, as always, come apart for *******, but feature 360-degree play environments with interconnected scenes in what I hope is a convincing retro-design aesthetic:

Coming Soon will be a Star Destroyer Bridge Playset for which I have only built a prototype so far:

I held a poll on the FB page as to what big one I should build next, and Darth Vader's Castle from "Rogue One" won, so that is the next big playset in the works. I am planning on it being a 3 foot tall (including the large spires on the top) showstopper display piece!

 I'll update here periodically. There is lots more stuff, in these styles and a couple of other small display ranges, plus commission work that comes in every now and then. If you are interested in anything please feel free to PM me here and I'll make sure you get the "JD Friends and Family" discount!

Thanks for looking.

So the other day I was looking around the web for some Star Wars music to listen to and stumbled across a band calling themselves "Galactic Empire" with an album's worth of cuts from various Star Wars soundtracks, all played in the style of a classic '80s heavy metal band. It was a really fun listen, and I wound up buying the album off Amazon to support the endeavor.

Standouts are the Imperial March and the Cantina Band. They hit the main prequel themes, too, but give deeper due to the OT stuff--I was surprised to find The Asteroid Belt cue on there, but it works great. No Disney-era stuff.

If you like the old metal (I am pretty sure a lot of us here do.) and appreciate the soundtracks, I suggest you give them a listen.

Any one else hear about these guys?

Saw the design for the Darth Vader car in the new Insider.  Not where I was expecting this line to go,  but if I see one around it is definitely something I would pick up for the boys to add to their car bin.

Hoping to see more authentic designs from the movies, but I'm sure they will follow up with Fetts,  Stormies and Clones...

The Wookiee Arcade / Tiny Death Star app
« on: November 9, 2013, 04:17 PM »
Loaded this app on my phone when it popped up a few days ago.I couldn't resist the name.

Very goofy and tongue in cheek. I am up to ten levels now, and enjoying the EU character name shout-outs and the random tweets by the "bitzens."

A fun distraction. Anyone else download it?

The Legacy Collection / Your "Essential 100"
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:08 AM »
Okay, so the topic was raised as to what figures you would keep in your collection if limited to 100. Here's my's actually easier for me 'cause I have no problem chucking Prequel stuff. If anything it would be harder to part with some of the EU figures I have sought for so long.

Anyway, here's my list...

1-R2 D2
2-C 3PO
3-Rebel Fleet Trooper
5-Princess Leia
6-Darth Vader
7-Captain Antilles
9-Uncle Owen
10-Luke Skywalker
11-Aunt Beru
13-Gonk Droid
15-Tusken Raider
16-Obi-Wan Kenobi
17-Hem Dazon
19-Figrin Dan
20-Momaw Nadon
22-Ponda Baba
23-Dr. Evazan
25-Han Solo
27-Grand Moff Tarkin
28-Stormtrooper Han
29-Stormtrooper Luke
30-Death Star Trooper
31-X-Wing Luke
33-TIE Pilot
34-General Dodonna
35-Medal Ceremony Luke
36-Hoth Luke
37-Hoth Han
38-Hoth Leia
40-Imperial Probe Droid
41-General Riekaan
42-Captain Piett
43-Bren Derlin
44-Echo Base Trooper
45-AT AT Driver
47-General Veers
48-Dack Ralter
49-Zev Senesca
50-Bespin Han
51-Dagobah Luke
53-Boba Fett
54-IG 88
58-4 LOM
59-Lando Calrissian
61-Bespin Leia
62-Chewie w/ 3PO pack
64-Carbonite Block Han
65-Bespin Luke
66-Smuggler Lando
68-Moff Jerjerrod
69-Gammorrean Guard
70-Bib Fortuna
71-Jabba the Hutt
72-Klaatu (Woof)
74-Salacious Crumb
75-Max Rebo
76-Sy Snootles
78-Lando in Disguise
79-Ephant Mon
80-Hermi Odle
83-Ree Yees
86-The Emperor
87-Spirit Obi-Wan
88-Endor Han
89-Endor Leia
90-Admiral Ackbar
91-General Madine
92-Mon Mothma
93-Nien Nunb
95-General Lando
96-Scout Trooper
99-Emperor's Royal Guard
100-DSII Luke

Feel free to share your list.

Modern Classifieds / Evolutions ROTS Pilot up for grabs
« on: September 11, 2008, 09:27 PM »
Here's the deal:

Myself and DoctorPadawan are interested in splitting an evolutions imperial pilots set. It would be great if we could find a taker for the ROTS pilot, as neither of us needs him. I'm asking for 7 bucks to cover the cost of the figure, and I'll take care fo the rest.

PM me if you're interested, and first come, first seve.

In a QnA over at Sandtroopers, Habro confirmed there will be a Battle Pack this fall featuring Luke, Ben, Threepio and Artoo specifically to go along with the BMF. All are repacks.

So what are we looking for? I'm figuring the POTJ Ben (since it was the robeless variety), VOTC Luke (with POTF2 helmet), VOTC Artoo (with the interchangable panel again so he can "plug in" to the ship) and probably ROTS Threepio (since the more appropriate Saga2 Threepio will already be out in the legends line.)

Would be nice if they could fit in a VOTC Leia too to bring this home as a 5-figure pack, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The Legacy Collection / Build-A-Droid vs Running Changes
« on: June 12, 2008, 08:06 AM »
Looking over the latest rumor list for the ANH wave brought an interesting wrinkle to mind. I was thinking it would've been nice to see Han and Luke stormtroopers be a running change since the tooling difference and deco change are pretty negligible, and it would free up a spot in the wave for one more all-new character.

Then I realized any running change during Legacy/Build-A-Droid is going to result in an extra droid piece. (As will, in the larger context, army building as a whole.) Would you want Hasbro to hold off on running changes for the length of the BAD experiment (slotting two endor troopers, for instance, as individually numbered figures in the same wave or breaking them up over two waves to work out the change itself,) or would you still prefer running changes to get more variety out of the army builders and background characters of future waves, even if it means one more protocol droid arm?

The Legacy Collection / Your most wanted accessories?
« on: April 7, 2008, 01:30 PM »
Haven't seen a thread like this for a long time...

Here's my top ten most wanted:

1--Training remote (with stinger bolt to clip it on a lightsaber)
2--Death Star console (put one section in a pack and I will buy ten Troopers to build two full ones)
3--Correctly scaled Mouse Droid
4--Deck plates from Echo Base
5--Moisture farm droids
6--That hanging chunk of meat from the Ewok trap
7--Luke's granola bar (or was it a sausage?) from Dagobah
8--Accurately-scaled Cantina table
9--a Holocron
10-Extended stock Stormtrooper rifle (Okay, really I've never seen this in the movies, but I had one of the '78 role-play rifles as a kid and I always loved the unfolding stock option...put it with an EU figure)

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Muftak's Displays--Updated 8/17
« on: January 29, 2008, 04:15 PM »
Recently I decided it is time to get the full collection out of storage and display it. To this end, I began designing shelf displays to mount on the wall. They are pretty scene-specific, but I wanted to leave them neutral and generic enough for some flexibility.

The first one I tackled was a Cantina display:

I decided to do the alcoves as a second level, figuring in my mind that since they were pick-up shots in the movie it was okay for them to be removed physically in that way. The bar pieces and tables are removable from the floor, and the curved bar sections fit in there too. The band stand accomodates 5 Modal Nodes.

I originally intended for this to double as a Jabba's Palace display, with the band stand becoming Jabba's throne and the Rebo band going where the bar is, but I have since decided to build another level on the top to hold Jabba and his goons.

I learned a lot while building this one.

Well of the Souls / Hasbro Indy Playsets
« on: December 8, 2007, 01:30 PM »
Looks like perhaps two playsets are on tap.

I'm gonna spoil the enthusiasm here by pointing out the Playskool line is called Adventure Heroes and the speculated playsets are called the Ultimate Adventure Playset and Sword Adventure Set. Look for a Spidey & Friends-type playset.

Photonovels and Movies / Luke's Bad Day...a PN Experiment
« on: September 13, 2005, 08:23 PM »

I know it's not much in the way of story, but does it work?

Watto's Junk Yard / I've been away...
« on: July 15, 2005, 08:53 AM »
...I take a couple months off and this place blossoms like nobody's business! I'm very happy for you guys at JD, this place is a lot more active than it was when I left.

As I mentioned sometime before, I got married in May (the Friday after Episode III came out, actually.) as well as a serious promotion and transfer at work, so things have been way too busy for me. On top of that, I have taken quite a break in the Star Wars toy collecting area, as most of the E III stuff hasn't caught my eye (Except for the nice Threepio, who filled in the hole I had in my loose VOTC collection.) And those Evolution toys look to be all that I hoped for!

Anyways, it's nice to come home again. I can't believe how much I've missed around here!

Here's a shot of me on my honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera that I thought everyone would enjoy:

To all the new guys: looking forward to seeing you around!


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