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A wedding gift.


Thomas Grey:
This isn't Star Wars related, but this is something I am proud of and have been working on for almost a year. It is a Ketubah - A Holy Jewish wedding document. I received the amazing, 24" x 32" paper with the Hebrew calligraphy and just began mapping out a design in light pencil. The flowers and shell were chosen as things my brother and his wife wanted on the document and the rest I just drew. The finish is most ink and brush with some Rapidograph for the really crazy details. I am almost done with the inking and then I am going to add color by brush as well.

Wow.  That is amazing.  I've never seen anything like that.  That's an incredible design.  Is it typical for a Ketubah to be that intricate?

Thomas Grey:
They are generally pretty ornate, but I am one of those artists that always bites off more than I can chew because I learn a lot more and evolve by challenging myself and doing insanely intricate and hyper-detailed art. The drawing is almost effortless, it's the inking that kills me. Using a brush is my favorite, but it is sometimes quite tedious and if I do not have that steady hand, I lose it. The great thing about doing something like this is I get to a point where I feel like I am accomplishing the impossible and pushing my ability to to limit and that eventually turns to the impossible becoming fluid and instinctual. It also is important for me to feel pride in what I do and to own it fully and unless it meets my perfectionist mind-set, it won't ever be shown to another person's eye. That is why I never really get much done because I'm always trying to perfect whatever I am working on.

I have been working on a comic book/graphic novel for 10 years and every drawing I do for every panel is redrawn a minimum of 4 times. I do a gestural sketch to capture the action of the figure and then start going over it with tracing after tracing until it is literally perfect. I wish I had lower standards and could just live with the bare minimum, but I have to be proud of what I do and own it.

Anyway, thanks and I will try and post some of my recent comic panel sketches to try and show my insane process...

Here is a chalkboard drawing I did for my art students that I am okay with because its chalk.

Wow! That's incredible! Awesome job!

I like this too , it's just awesome .


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