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The Star Wars The Vintage Collection Slave I Boba Fett’s Starship is here! Just revealed at #SDCC, this new addition to the Star Wars The Vintage Collection features realistic detail and is available for pre-order beginning tomorrow at 5:00pm ET on #HasbroPulse!

The pack-in looks nice... but this is a pass. I don't need a duplicate ship and am not dropping $200 for a single loose Fett figure. Can we please just get a new Fett on a normal card at standard prices? Enough of the Fett price markups already.

(Thanks for the image size edit Jeff, I always forget how to do that...)

Oh for ****'s sake.  Again with Slave I?   You already tricked me into buying this sculpt a third time for the stand, I refuse to make it four of these.  ::)

- 2010 TCW Jango
- 2013 TVC Boba
- 2020 TVC Boba (repainted + stand)
- 2023 TVC Boba (repaint + stand + Tython Fett)

I really hope they are not greedy enough to keep that Tusken/Tython Fett exclusive to this ship...  >:(

It's nice.  I really like the Fett.  But I already have the TVC version so I will probably pass on this.

Jedi Idej:
I was wondering just the other day if we’d ever get TVC Fett in his robes. Ugh.

Years ago, we were looking at figure variations. Now we contemplate buying ships because of the changes...  :-\

But, damn, extra points to the person who posed and photographed Fett.


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