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EU Female Clone Trooper Commando in battle

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I've been going crazy and loving this new WACOM tablet that I just got ;D !!!
Somebody at the censorship-prone RS boards requested that I do a female Clone Trooper Commando done up like Cody's commandos (the previously named Fox character).  Though his particular request is still being designed, I decided to render up one of my initial designs in Photoshop.

Looks good- great color apps too!

Looks great! The background definitely helps the clone stand out more while being very cool at the same time! My girlfriend likes it too! She has been wanting me to make female clone action figures. I might, with a plausible story line to go along with it. (still based on Jango Fett's DNA too! LOL)

I prefer this one straxus, he drew this later on when he wasnt satisfied.

That is very cool!

To validate the potential (but unlikely) appearance of female clones based on Jango's DNA, from what I understand all humans are geneticaly female in early fetus developement unless hormones adjust this. (please correct me if I am wrong.)
So if this is true, the theory is that there could have been a batch of clones on Kamino that had a malfunction with the hormone regulation for clone developement or was intentional. Either way, one could end up with female clones. Accident or not, the value of a select group of clones that were female could open up possiblities of clone spy/assassins who due to the limited numbers and secrecy of their existence would be a valuable asset to the Republic/Empire but would have many of the traits of the origional template. Just my thoughts. I will probably cut and paste this info later when I actually make some custom figures of female clones.
Jubjubjedi: Great work!
Smartypants: Thanks for posting his updated work!


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