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Trading Vintage SW weapons for Vintage SW weapons



here's what i have. i'm only looking to trade.

Everything is original

Bossk Gun
Snowtrooper/Dengar Rifle
Blue pistol for Luke Bespin/Han Hoth
Cloud car pilot/Tie pilot pistol
Klaatu/Lando Skiff Guard/Weequay Staff Pike
Logray Ewok Staff
yoda belt
Chewbacca Gun
Prune Face Rifle
Chess Board
Hoth Rifle for Luke Hoth/Rebel Commander
Jabba Bowl
Hoth Backpack
yoda Backpack
Gas Masks

here's what i need

-cloud car pilot commlink
-black luke x-wing/creature/han pistol 2x
-luke green saber
-stormtrooper black gun 2x
-luke farm boy saber
-ben saber 2x
-leia bespin gun


pics can be seen here


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