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Got my 2003 Christmas Easter Single today, good stuff.  Its Cornell and Crew singing Reach Down from the Santa Barbara show last Fall and I Believe in Miracles (A Ramones cover) live.  

Ed said a couple times on last summers tour they were thinking about touring a few cities this summer (like 15) but no word on that yet.

Haven't heard if they are recording yet either, usually they announce when they are back in the studio

Haven't received my single yet, but I hope it'll happen soon.

It is more like an Easter single, but free stuff kicks ass whenever it shows up.

Oh yeah, forgot about this.

Some dude has been dumping a bunch of PJ stuff at a local used CD joint. I've picked up about ten 2000 tour boots, import singles of Jeremy, Daughter, and Go, and the Last Kiss single. The store wants $10 each for the boots, but hey, these rock, and I didn't pick any up back when they were readily available. The singles are cheap, like $4-5 each.

Which is why I'm late paying DocPadawan and OCB. :o :-*

HMI, did you see that you could order past X-Mas singles through the TenClub (while supplies last)...I don't have the prices here in front of me but you may want to check that out instead of buying them from me... ;)

Really? I must keep overlooking that or something...

Yeah, I'll check that out. Thanks! :)


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