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Corobb - I forgot to mention that, yes I did put them in from the inside, so that they didn't looked "tacked on."

Roton - I'll post a pic of the movie Greedo  --  - I think that it gives a bit of the look of the eyes in the movie.

Here's a couple of improvements I made a little bit back.

I used the great base of the VSTC Greedo - though I've always been a little disappointed in the effort put forth on the eyes of the figures - -- they just don't look very lively.

So anyway, I took some very small rhinestones from a local Michael's craft store, then hollowed out the eye sockets, along with some added space for the rhinestones, and carefully cut the circles to a smaller dimension to fit them in.  I added a small bit of aluminum tape backing, but the head works just as it did before - only with the look of the reflective eyes that the Rodians have in the movies.

Hope you like them.

Straxus -   Good call.   
It did come from figure - though I think it was from an earlier release (as I bought it a good while back, but it's still the same figure, just popped the cannister right off the backpack).   It worked well, I added some white paint on his gear (I also used the ammo pouches on this figure), and it definately makes a good look to have some "snow" stuck around on it.  I need to try to get some better pics of the figure. 

I'm off and on working on a new helmet for the concept trooper, but want to use a ROTS Neimoidian Warrior for the body.  I don't suppose anyone has one they'd sell for cheap? ;D

On of my KMarts still has on on the shelf - $7 if you are interested :)

You can always count on Kmart, huh?  :)  I was thinking something a little cheaper, I wish the KMart closest to me still had some of the Clone Wars figures.  I bought a couple for cheap a while back -  then they disappeared. ::)

Thanks for the comments guys.  he does kinda look like Shredder.  ;)

Straxus - I did put a cannister on the back, I think it was from a 21st Century Soldier, I think.  I can try to take some new pics.

T65 - the parts for this one were a real mish-mash.  The torso and upper arms are from AT-AT pilot with Veers chest piece, lower arms ROTS Bail Organa, legs are from ROTS Plo Koon - sans boots, then added dollar tree boots, knees (I also cut the feet off a Gi Joe to give him the "stacked" stilt shoes).  The head was built around a #41 clone head, using parts from Veers, Cpt. Typho, and CC Pilot helmets. 

BrentS - I defintely want to get a new camera, but I'm trying to taske some better pics with the one I have until I get can afford it.   ;)  In case you missed it - I also posted a Sakiyan Jedi on pg. 7- -- I made the other day about the same time as the Tusken Raider.

I'm off and on working on a new helmet for an new version of the concept trooper, but want to use a ROTS Neimoidian Warrior for the body.  I don't suppose anyone has one they'd sell for cheap? ;D

Here's a custom I made a little bit back, but wanted to share it.

I based it off of an old Joe Johnston sketch from the ESB Sketch book.

Here's a scan of the main influence:

And the actual figure:


Thanks GGPiKE.

I wish I had taken a work-in-progress pic of the parts I used.  The dollar tree figure, was all black, with a glow-in-the-dark skull for a head.  I'll look for a picture at some point, but essentially a Skeletor looking guy.  I like that he had armour, and I used a gold leaf paint, then weathered it, bit I think it reflects the look of the female tuskens from the first saga line. 

As for muppets, I'm always looking for figures and potential parts at my local goodwill.  It was from a colonial-looking kermit - I'm sure from one of the movies. But I can get alot of stuff at goodwill for pretty cheap.    For instance, a POTF complete, loose Slave 1 the other day for $0.25.  Not too shabby.   ;D

Thanks again for the compliments.  8)

Well, as Straxus mentioned, the brown and green really do compliment and contrast each other, so I would say go with a brown like you've used, or maybe even is you have a gold or brassy color - similar to the color of the belt and straps, that mike look nice.   :)

Here's a Tusken Chieftan I made last night.

I think he turned out pretty well, considering it was based on a cheap dollar tree or Big Lots skull-guy figure.  I wanted him to be a head honcho of some of the Tusken Raiders.  He had been captured and banished by Gardulla the Hutt, however with time, eventually broke away from his chains to come back and torment the illegal shipping of the Hutts through the Tatooine wastelands.

Parts used:
VTSC  - sand person head, hands
Dollar tree body, arms
POTF - hoth trooper feet
Saga - mastiff chains
and various other parts, bandoliers from some Kermit the Frog, cartridges, and kerchief...

Thanks for looking!  8)

Here's the first of my latest two figures.

He's a Sakiyan Jedi named Toll Drank. 

Parts used:
Saga - Djas Puhr head, hands
VTSC - sandpeople legs
Saga - Barada belt
ROTS - Agen Kolar robe cut down
Some dollar tree figure for the arms and torso
POTC - Elizabeth Swann bandolier

Let me know what you think:

and some friends...

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Null Arc and Urban Shocktrooper
« on: July 31, 2006, 03:06 PM »
GGPiKE, excellent work.  I really like the Null Arc as well as the Urban Shocktrooper.  While the Arc is really great, I like the paint scheme, I'm really impressed with your work on the Shocktrooper, with the minimalist changes and paint. 

It definately looks like something that could have been a concept art for the movies (which oftentimes, I think, looks better than what was actually used).

Again, keep up the good work.

Great job on the nice repaint and switcharoo.  It really gives a fresh look with the different color skin and arms. 

My only suggestion would be to maybe paint the straps that wrap around the twi-lek's lekku.  Other than that, top-notch custom.  8)

hmmm, I you sure that the robe thing is hte impy dignitary. I just checked and it doesn't look like it.

Smartypants - I guess you're referring to my Plo Koon custom.  The top shoulder peice is indeed from 1 of 2 Imperial dignitaries released in the old saga line

I got this particular collar from this figure:

As opposed to the other version:

Thanks for the kind words - I am a bit excited about the potential for the new endor troops, and I'll try to get better close-ups of the figure. ;D

Thanks everyone, I'm pretty happy with how it turend out, though the aluminum tape was extremely tedious work to cut mirrored pieces for each side of the figure.

Fritz - Ayy Vida was in the first Saga line, and is seen as Lando's pal in these pics.
Here's a carded pic:

Spyke -I'll work on getting some better pics of the droid itself


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