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Fan Club & Columbus Breakfast


Boba Binks:
Fan Club & Columbus Breakfast - So what do you think of this event?

I for one think it is a nice little idea to get people in to see some fo their favorite personalities and more. Plus you get a toy for purchasing the ticket.

Since I will be in Columbus that week I plan on attending. I already registered at the Piazo site.

So is anyone here going to be there? If so stop me and say hello.

What are your thoughts?

I think these Fan Club breakfasts are obviously a very cool idea, but they need to make sure that they're geographically moved around a fair amount so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy one!  I'd definitely go if one was held out here in SoCal, but I sure as hell won't be booking any plane flights to go and attend one elsewhere...

The DisneyWorld one sold out, so if you're looking at attending the Columbus one, I'd suggest you go ahead and make your reservations sooner, than later!

Well, they may have one planned for Comic Con.  Might be worth checking into it, since the Fan Club will be there in San Diego.

I only wish they had the Silver Boba Fett's on hand for Wizard World in Philly a couple of weeks ago, and could do a similar event.


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