Author Topic: JD Mini/Quick Review: K-Mart Exclusive Jodo Kast  (Read 3781 times)

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JD Mini/Quick Review: K-Mart Exclusive Jodo Kast
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:16 PM »
So I cracked him open...

He's really cool.

Of course he's rocking all the articulation of the Evolutions Boba, which is more than adequate...  I mean, I'd gladly plunk down for another Boba in the future with ball-jointed hips, but this one's quite good.

The headsculpt's nice and accurate to the character (I guess), however the helmet's a snug fit.  It fits, just snug.  And speaking of the helmet, I REALLY hope they someday soon go back to working range-finders that can pivot...  I miss those, don't you?  No?  Well piss off then.

The colors are vibrant, and I found the deco actually above-par for the line lately.  There's very little straying.  If I had a gripe, it's a lack of fine detailing being plugged in there though.  There's some silver/black on the left gauntlet, but nothing on the spikes of the shoes, very little on either gauntlet (and it could have some silver dabs), and the tools in the shin pockets could use a dab since they are there and all.  The backpack has a nice mix of colors though, the belt's pouches got painted (but no silver for the buckles...  does silver paint cost a lot?), and so on...  A logo on the chest that's accurate, and a Bantha skull on the left shoulder that I THINK is accurate are nice.

The helmet has nice details, but no scuffing/scrapes.  I think either way can be viewed as accurate since it's based on comic stuff.  A non-dented helmet would've been my choice, but that's me.  I'm sure they went with whatever was with this figure's molds, and thus we get a dented helmet.

The one flaw I have with it that I think is actually annoying, and worth voicing, is that the backpack doesn't plug in snugly.  It's more snug than with the cloth cape though, but it still pops out relatively easily.  Annoyhing?  Sure.  Deal breaker?  No.  I like him regardless.

Basically, thsi figure's lightyears ahead of the 2008 repainted Fett, which was raw sewage IMO, and one of the times a "new" figure got passed on by me in my grand effort to get away from paying for pure rubbish.  This is a massive improvement.  Not perfect, and would've required a new belt at least to make him more accurate, but the paint's PRETTY good for these days, and the headsculpt's a nice addition, and obviously it uses a vastly superior figure as the base...  I'm content now with Jodo Kast.

A thumbs up from me then...


-Great articulation
-Good paint applications (love to see these improve across the line though, but these are above-par)
-New headsculpt seems accurate
-Appropriate accessories


-Damn pack still doesn't plug into Boba's back very well
-A couple more minor spots of silver would go a LONG way on this sculpt
-The helmet's a tad small for the headsculpt
-I want some f'n movable rangefinders on Mando's and ARC Troopers and stuff.  I miss those!


Buy it...  $8.99 for an exclusive figure isn't common (Though $8.99 for basic figures = lame and overboard).  K-Mart getting something this cool isn't common.  Hasbro seemed to be making an apology figure with this one.  I can't say how you would feel about having already bought the 2008 repaint Jodo Kast, and then buying this, but it's a worthy upgrade...  I'm sure it stings a bit more if you have the last POS on your shelf though.   :-\
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