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The Return of the Titanium Series


So... Hasbro is brining back the Titanium Series?

Is this just a "let's do a new run of our old stuff just to mess with Hot Wheels / Mattel" or will there be new ships?  Gotta be new ships for TFA, right?  Hmmm...

Hasbro Press Gallery:

Hasbro Press Info:

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $4.99/Available: Fall 2015)
Assemble your own fleet of STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES TITANIUM SERIES premium vehicles based on the epic Star Wars films. These collectible vehicles include an X-WING, B-WING, DARTH VADERíS TIE ADVANCED, LUKEíS LANDSPEEDER, SLAVE I and more! Each pack includes one vehicle and one collector stand. Each sold separately.

I believe I saw wave 2 today. Bought the First Order Transporter. Also saw a First Order Snowspeeder, regular First Order Tie Fighter, B Wing and maybe others.

Has there been any mention of how long the new Titanium Helmets series will run? Or will there be non-Force Awakens? I'm picturing 50 different Star Wars Titanium Helmets all displayed together and thinking that would be amazing. On the other hand if there are ten total then it's just kind of a random line lost in all the rest of my stuff.

Jesse James:
Haven't picked up any new Titaniums till this past weekend.  I got the "Vulture" Shuttle (The big Imperial Cargo Transport), and it's cool as hell to be honest.  Very nice detail, the folding wings, the orange cargo pods below on its belly, deploy-able landing gear...  Very neat toy.  $5 strikes me as slightly high priced for diecast stuff but it's still really nice overall.


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