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--- Quote from: mosnab on August 26, 2005, 02:02 PM ---I see that Hasbro updated today with news of the Titanium Series Ultra line, starting with the X-Wing and Gunship.  I'm guessing these are just larger versions, is that right?  If so, I might just wait and get a few from this line, depending on price.
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In case you didn't read the story when Hasbro originally posted in back on August 26th, you can read it at again today.

Nothing like re-posting an old story (word-for-word) and pretending it's something new...  ::)

Darth Broem:
Damnit.  I have absolutely ZERO instincts for knowing what is going to be popular.  I swear.  I never bought an Unleashed.  By the time I start getting interested in those they cancel the line and everything skyrockets.  By the time I start getting into GG busts those things go up.  Then it was the Kubricks.  Now I look into Titanium and they all go up. 


The Titanium Ultra is the new life of the Action Fleet.  I picked up the Gunship and it's exactly like my AF version but with a better pain job (and the whole metal instead of plastic thing).   I love the AF line and these are super cool but I don' t think it will last due to the price.  My WM still has a lot of these ships just sitting there. 

BTW, I really want the Jedi Starfighter from AOTC in diecast/mini form I didn't get the 3 3/4 scale fighter because it was too big but I would LOVE a smaller version.  Also wishing for: ultra Star Destroyer, & MonCal Ship.

I just split this topic off from the smaller scaled Titanium ship discussion, since this is kind of a separate line.  Anyway, I was really torn over this line when I first saw it down at Comic Con, especially since I really loved the Action Fleet line.  Since these were based on the old Action Fleet molds (though Hasbro ridiculously denies that), and since these are a nicer heftier metal than the plastic AF versions, and these might even have slightly better paint jobs, I was very intrigued by them.  But the thought of rebuying the same exact ships but in metal was rather annoying to me, especially since I don't even have room for my AF as it is.  But I decided I'd wait just to see if the pricepoint was similar to the last time to ultimately decide...

But at DOUBLE the price of the prior AF, there's just no way I'm going to be plunking down a fat $20 for every one of these suckers (assuming more are made).  Just a bad move on Hasbro's part, I think.  More rehashes, higher price, exclusive (right now), etc.  That's a losing proposition for a new line right there if I ever saw one...

Pictures of the first "non-excluisve" wave of ships:

As a reminder, while the Gunship and X-Wing are currently Wal-Mart exclusives, next year the Ultra line should be available EVERYWHERE (ie no longer be exclusive to Wal-Mart) in 2006.


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