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While shopping at a Wal-mart across town yesterday, I saw these "ultra" versions for the first time.  I had the X-Wing in the cart, and wanted to scan it, and it came up for $19.97 or so.  I did want to get it, but since I found some other figures/stuff, and we were doing some Christmas shopping too, I decided to wait for now.  Hopefully that's not a mistake.  I know some people aren't crazy about these, but I never bit on the Action Fleet line, and I always kind of regretted it.  I'm thinking about picking up the OT ships from this line, if they look pretty nice.  Is there any sort of rumor/confirmed list of what is coming post-Gunship/X-Wing?  Just curious what is on the way, if we know.

i saw these today and i dont see these selling out cuz of the price. but i was tempted since it looks rather nice. i hope they'll go on sale after X'mas


--- Quote from: mosnab on October 24, 2005, 09:35 AM ---Is there any sort of rumor/confirmed list of what is coming post-Gunship/X-Wing?

--- End quote ---

Once we get past the Gunship/X-Wing, the line becomes widely released (is no longer Wal-Mart exclusive).

In the new era of non-exlusive Titanium Ultra, the list goes something like this:

Wave 1 (Confirmed - see photo above):
Tri Droid Fighter

Wave 2 (uncomfirmed)
Slave 1

Wave 3 (uncomfirmed)
Millennium Falcon

Wave 2 and 3 are fairly accurate, but they have not been officially confirmed yet so you know how it goes with Hasbro - subject to change and all that jazz.

I really, really hope they make the cruisers (AOTC, ROTS and star destroyer).    Hey an evolution pack!  Even the small die cast version of all three together would be cool.  I'm just glad they are making the Jedi Attack Cruiser  :D.  Mon cal cruiser would be nice along with the Death Star II or I but it's a long shot realistically.

I've seen some of you guys mentioning that you've picked up "Titanium" ships lately and had no idea they were larger scale die-cast ships. I saw them in Walmart the other day; X-Wing and Gunship. They look pretty cool. I might get some. How are they? Good quality? I'm hating the little metal ones now because they're using gummy rubber parts on them. How much do the large ones cost? I didn't any prices in the store.


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