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The Stolen CCG License:
I'm not sure where they pulled them from, but our TRU randomly came up with a pair of the Space Whale Gunships for $5 each.  I went ahead and picked one up to, I dunno, sit in a box with my ARC 170?  I've never done that move where you bring toys to set on your desk, but the relics of this line seems like an excellent candidate for that... maybe without the plastic bubble that I still don't totally understand.

Don't know if this is of interest to you all on the Tites page, but two the TJ Maxx and one Marshall's that I stopped at (hunting for the $3.99 TAC figures) that had some of the larger scale Titanium's for $9.99.  At different stores I saw Darth Vader's Tie fighter, the Tri-Droid, the Falcon and Slave One.  Your mileage may very, but I figured this would be the crowd most interstered in that heads-up.

medium vehicles like x wing and tie fighter hold the scale, the at at should be bigger, however its detailed sculpt is amazing.
In prequel ships ultra vehicles have depicted them with colorful designs.

If anyone is still reading this  :)

Does anyone have a fair estimate for what a Ultra Titanium Millennium Falcon should be worth now? I',m kicking myself that I never found one at TJ Maxx for $10.

To be specific i only need a loose version in good condition, I dont care about the bubble and the bi plastic base. I only would care about the ship and the action fleet style base.


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