Author Topic: Original Teaser Trailers from the Original Trilogy  (Read 2988 times)

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Original Teaser Trailers from the Original Trilogy
« on: October 23, 2013, 06:14 PM »
Keep forgetting to post this, but Lucasfilm has been releasing the original teaser trailer for each of the OT movies, with ROTJ being released today:

They've been doing one a week (I think always on Wednesday), and it makes me wonder if it is possibly building to an announcement or something next week, which I think is the one year anniversary of the whole Disney deal.  Maybe a casting or title announcement?  Hopefully.

Also, here's Star Wars:

And Empire:

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Re: Original Teaser Trailers from the Original Trilogy
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 10:39 AM »
Imagine watching that original Star Wars trailer in '76 with that Alien-like sound track and having no idea what this movie was all about. The trailer tells you absolutely nothing about plot. It doesn't look like American Graffiti.

The first thing you see is a girl and some giant dog in a spaceship with space ships flying over another space ship. They are shooting at each other. Then you see a black beach ball with a needle sticking out of it. (some kind of drug reference) The girl looks scared. Shot of some black robot-looking guy. The girl tries to escape but the dog barks at her. Then a guy is shooting the walls while guys in armor try to escape. Then we see a couple of robots named 3-CPO and R2-D2 and a guy in a karate outfit. Then Alec Gensis shows up with a light stick and people duck for cover. Then two kids swing across a casm like it was a pirate movie. Big robot black guy throws another guy against a wall. Scary mummy hits guy with stick! Sword fights. R2 gets sucked up a tube. Monster grabs guy in trash. Monster with gun. R2 falls over. Some guys on alert in a military building. Star Wars words explode.

What the heck was that?
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