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JD Give Away - Lego Minifigures, Series 1

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Jesse James:
Hyped up about Lego Minifigures on our forums?  Then we've got a new JD Give Away for you!

Courtesy of site owner Paul, we're giving away some Series 1 Blindpacked Lego Minifigures via our forums!

Check out the Lego Minifigure Give Away Contest Page for the full set of rules on how you need to enter to win!  The rules are simple and easy to enter!

We'll be giving away a Grand Prize Complete Set of Series 1 Minifigures, and breaking down the remaining figures available among our entrants in the order their names are drawn.

Good luck to all who enter, and we hope to see your name in the mix!

Very cool giveaway!  You guys rock as always.   8)

Jesse James:
Contest is closed now, and we had a surprising number of entries!  We thank everyone who entered, and will announce the grand prize winner as soon as we can!

Jesse James:
Lego Series 1 Mini-Figure Contest Winners Announced!

Congrats to the winners, and stay tuned!  More give-aways are already in the works folks!

Thank you much Paul and Jesse and the rest of the staff for running a super cool 8) JD Give Away!


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