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May not be the right place for it, if not, please move. I know I and others have complained directly or indirectly about Paul Harrison and JTA here in the past for a variety of reasons, all tied to his rampant negativity. As time has gone on it's gone from an amusing sort of 'wow did you see that?' to 'is this really happening?' Well, it is, and now it's gone too far.

I feel I have to say something about his article regarding the Jyn Erso figure reveal here:

In the comments he says the figure should be named 'Jihad Jyn.' This is absolutely unacceptable. This man baby has turned our hobby into a platform for airing out his own personal hangups with whatever group it happens to be - women, Muslims, homosexuals ( and anyone who disagrees with him. They're toys. They don't deserve the level of discord or frankly interest he assigns them and they certainly don't serve any purpose in any attack on someone's faith or sexuality. For the record, she's wearing a scarf. Women wear scarves. I accept Paul Harrison may not be familiar with such concepts. Paul Harrison is very familiar with commercializing and commodifying his brand of negativity regarding toys. Now it's mutated to people. And it's time for it stop.

Discrimination against anyone has no place in our hobby and has no place anywhere. Time for people to stand up and let him know that. Our hobby is meant to be a place of fun and escape and he has dragged it into the gutter. It's clear he won't give up these things he supposedly hates, because he's making too much money off it - he nakedly pursues reader financial support and has admitted to his obvious click baiting - so we need to be the ones to vote him off the island. He doesn't have to like what he sees but he doesn't have to spew this junk at people either. I could catalog all of his bizarre comments - from posting that Hasbro likely postponed what he thought was a lock stock and barrel exclusive Vintage styled line at TRU last fall simply to spite his website - but I think we have all seen and read enough of his shtick to know it doesn't represent us.

There is a lot of sexism, prejudice and anger in fandom right now from Star Wars to Ghostbusters and I'm here to tell Paul Harrison and whoever else needs telling that there's no place for it. Take your toys and go home.

Paul who?

Seriously, never heard of the guy.  I suppose as a show of solidarity, I'll continue to never visit JTA or know who he is.

The internet is a cesspool with good and bad apples floating around in it.  Collecting communities on the internet are no different.  I'm not trying to be dismissive of your point or request or observations, but best thing you could do is just not use sites like that and eventually all that'll be left there is people who do tolerate, or approve of that kind of behavior, and then they can have each other.

I've tried, believe me. And I suppose it's my own fault for continuing to look in on the circus over there, but it would also be my fault if I ignored it and then let that type of behavior become the standard for this hobby. That's not me. If you let weeds grow you get more. I've considered leaving the hobby at various times, but I've decided it won't be because of people like him.

If it's not anyone else's fight or interest, totally get it. Had to say my 2 cents.

Matt R.:
You can't have a "ambassador" for the hobby so he claims act like this...he has his right to his opinions but he acts that he speaks for the collectors.  It's does give us collectors a bad rep.

I wonder if this guy is the reason Hasbro no longer bothers with the great fan interaction they used to have. Going through some of the stuff he posts, and with this guy acting like he's the ambassador of all fandom, I don't blame them for giving up.

The Jihad Jyn thing is just disgusting, though. What kind of mind makes this connection?


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