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I am very happy to start Mr.McMetal's official Jedidefender feedback thread!

For the first time in my 19 year SW collecting history I put a call out for help on the EU wave. Without any prior communication he came to my aid and picked the entire wave up for my at the sweet $4.99 price. McMetal has proven to be (even before this) a solid JD member and is a valuable asset to the community. I would surely deal with him again and hope I can return the favor one day.

Thanks man!

Just catching up on some feedback I forgot to post - got a swift payment from McMetal.  Thanks again!

Dressel Rebel:
Just completed a figure swap with McMetal and the transaction was flawless.  Recommend 100%, feel confident trading with McMetal!

Just finished up a trade with McMetal. Great communication and super fast payment/shipping. Would love to do business with him again!

Received another swift payment from McMetal.  Thanks again! :)


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