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Final Faction!


Not sure if anyone here has heard of this line, but several of my FB groups are all abuzz about it.

This is a new line of budget 5 POA figures that is showing up at Dollar Tree stores around the country. They are close to 3.75” but just slightly smaller. It’s a near future alien invasion type backstory. Series 1 has five good guy and three alien bad guys. There are also 3 different weapon packs for each side. Everything is $1 a pop.

You can literally buy everything for less than $15. You’d think at that price they’d be utter crap but they are astonishingly good sculpts. Sort of similar to the Lanard Corps stuff stylistically, but everyone can hold all of the funky weapons, and there are helmets, backpacks etc galore to mix and match among all the different characters.

I bought triples of everything just because I thought they were so awesome, plus they would make some good custom fodder I think. The Brute, Drone and Synthoid aliens are all super cool too.

Someone obviously put a lot of sincere effort into these things, so I figured I would mention them here in case anyone  is interested. They’re just starting to hit, but I have already heard there are plans for a second wave, so hopefully they do well.

Thanks for pointing these out, I looked up some pictures and I might be going to look for these, this is right up my weirdness alley...

Just picked up the second wave of these today, only 3 new figures but they are all excellent and frankly pretty amazing for $1.25 each.

There is a new vehicle out also but it has yet to show up here.


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