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Just had the pleasure of finishing up my first transaction with CorranHorn, and it went just as smoothly as I expected it to!  Jason's a great guy, who you shouldn't hesitate to deal with if you get the chance.  Highly recommended!   8)

Thanks Jason.  Let's do it again some time!

- Matt

I just finished a deal with CorranHorn and it went perfectly. Excellent communication and timely sending. Anyone dealing with him rest assured.

I figured I'd add some links to feedback I have elsewhere...



The Forgotten Force - This is actually a reference of people I've traded with in the past from the FF on my customs web site (near the bottom of the page).


Jesse James:
Jason and I exchanged some vintage weapons...  Always a great trade.  Smoooove as buttah!

Got some needed OTC stuff from Jason just yesterday. Thanks :)

And I swear, your figure is going out tomorrow!! Reallly!!!


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