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I see that Darth_Anton has finally made his way over here to JD, so I'd be happy to get Anthony going with some feedback here.  We've locally swapped stuff a number of times, and he's helped me out on numerous other occasions as well.  Definitely a highly recommended trader for sure!  So give him a shot, you won't regret it!  Thanks for all the help these last few months Anthony...  8)

- Matt

Anthony's a great guy to deal with. We traded figs a while back and met at his house. He was even nice enough to invite me in and take a look at his killer collection. Rest assured when dealing with "Darth_Anton".

aka DaBigKahuna:
I too had great in person trade with Anthony for a SA Clone Trooper.

Welcome to JD.



Got a very nice hookup from Darth Anton today, with ROTS figures #37-39.  First time I've ever seen 'em, so thanks for saving my butt on those Anthony!  ;)

- M

Rogue Jedi TJ:
 Just Completed My 1st Trade with Anthony and it was Super Smooth, not to mention a former hometown guy and a heck of a nice one at that. Great Communication, Fast Shipping, and a Pleasure to deal with.
Thanks Again Anthony :)


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