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Thomas Grey:
Alas, they do exist and this is the place to warn others of those 'bad guys' out there. They rip you off, send damaged goods and do not compensate and they make the trading world much less attractive to be a part of. These 'bad traders' do not necessarilly have to be people you've traded with here. Let's make this a place for posting bad traders you've run into accross the Star Wars Fan Site Universe.

I had a very negative experience at Rebelscum some time ago with "Ryjam 282" and I'm not alone. Instead of rehash it here, I'll direct you to a thread or 2 regarding our experience. He's a real doozy and has no respect for the trade code or his fellow traders.

scroll down on this page and look for a post by yours truly (rorworr);f=21;t=003468;p=1

do not hesitate to click on page 2 for more great feedback on this troll of a human being and trader.

Please add your bad traders and lets make the trading world a better place!!!

Just thought I should point our members towards the following thread, where it's been brought to our attention that it's NOT a good idea to deal with  You can read about all the people who got scammed by them here:;action=display;threadid=622

Thanks to BigL for the heads up!

Anybody who has been on Yojoe will know what I am talking about here...

DO NOT trade with anyone from the following address:

Philips Ave.
Savannagh (sometimes Port Wentworth), Georgia.

This addy is used by a known bad trader in the GI Joe world, e has been routed out there, and has moved on to the Star Wars community.

I have the exact house number, and phone number but thought it may be against board rules to post it...

Want details, email me or TopJedi!!


Darth Kenobi:
THis was originally posted by JediMAC from Rebelscum:
"Though I haven't traded with him personally (had contact with him though), we should obviously start with this Evan Goodman "Tastetesta" clown (now posing as both "ImperialRTS" and "TheJediGuy" here in the forums) who has apparently burned a LOT of people at many different collecting sites over the past year (Rebelscum, Jawa, SSG and CSW, among others). He's usually based in Marlton, NJ but I hear he's using some Virginia addresses as well. I suggest you all read up on him since there's far too much info (e-mails, aliases, addresses, etc.) on this jerk than I could possibly post, so here's some links that I highly suggest you all check out:;f=9;t=006289;f=9;t=006329

5 pages long: p?s=66f9862b678681f512d45c03481b54bb&threadid=9945&perpage=15&pagenumber=1;f=13;t=005277;f=13;t=005229

My best advice is that if someone does not have any feedback, make them send their package FIRST, and only send out (with Delivery Confirmation) once it has been received."

I haven't heard anything about this guy in awhile but from what I have heard about him was he got caught at a couple of sites before the recent incidents in the above post and he took time off and started up again.  So I figured some people may not know about him.  

Who ever this guy is (he calls himself "Rudy" and is located in Del Rio, TX), he is apparently a con-artist....I traded him 12 POTF2 figures for about 30 SW Lego figures...after sending mine off, I e-mailed him to tell him they were on the way, and he responded with "same here" and that I should "get them in about a week"...well, that was the 11th of October, and I have yet to see any Lego figs from him...when I tried to contact him to inquire about where they were, I recieved a message that his e-mail was not recieving messages from my e-mail...I have not heard from him, to make a long story short, BEWARE!!! If anyone needs to know his e-mail addresses, I have them...DarthDave can back up my story, as he never heard from him again either after DarthDave suggested "Rudy" ship his items first...I don't want anyone else to lose out like I have...Many others have also been burned, both on the Rebelscum and Yojoe out!!  Below is a link to a Rebelscum topic on the subject...;f=1;t=010940


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