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Massive Han Solo MOC lot for sale
« on: July 31, 2010, 03:34 PM »
I haven't been collecting anything in several year and I've decided have much thought and debate that it's time for this stuff to go.  So I have a number of MOC figures for sale.  They are in varying conditions from split bubbles, yellowed, taped, etc.  Some of the cards have your typical dings in the corners and creases.  I'll try to be as accurate as possible with my descriptions.  All the prices are OBO and I'm willing to negotiate for the best deal for myself and potential buyers.  I haven't priced in some time so my prices may be off.  I'm happy to listen to offers and like I said, work something out for both of us.  Shipping on all figures will be $12 within the US and they will be shipped in a star case.  I don't just cram my stuff into a box and send it.

Make me an offer folks.  I'm more than willing to negotiate something good for both of us.

Han Solo via photobucket

12B  $80
This figure has a tear in the bottom of the card that has been taped and a bubble that has been taped back down.  I have no reason to believe the figure was ever removed or weapon taken out.

ROTJ 48 back $90
I have reason to believe the top part of the bubble has been resealed with glue.  There is a tear in the right corner inside the bubble where you can see the underlying card.  The rest of the bubble has the waffle pattern so it indicates to me that is the only thing that has been done.  There is also what looks like a pin hole in the top left hand corner.

ROTJ 65 $40
This figure I believe is the original with the original weapon.  It looks to me like the bubble came off at some point and was reglued by a previous owner.  The bubble also has a slit that I tried to show in the pictures.  If this was reglued, whoever did it did a phenomenal job of lining up the lines on the card and bubble.

ESB 45 $65
Slight creasing in the bottom middle of the card.  The POP was cut out of the bottom left corner.  Good looking card aside from the POP.

ROTJ 79 $60
Edge wear all around and yellowed bubble.  Creases on the bottom right corner.  Creases and some tearing on the bottom right on the back.  Somebody also tried to remove the Anakin offer sticker from the back.

ROTJ 77 camo collar $50

Slightly, and I mean very slightly yellowed bubble.  It looks really good for an ROTJ.  There is some edge wear and on the right side there is a ding in the edge.  On the back there is a crease where the bubble/figure were pressed onto the card.  One of the price tags is lifting but I'm not taking it off.

ROTJ 77 non camo collar $60

Yellowed bubble.  Also on the front right there looks to be some sort of "scrape".  There is also a slight crease in the back.

ROTJ 79 non camo collar $50

Typical ROTJ yellow bubble and some slight creasing to the top right of the bubble.  It has some edge wear, but not much.

ROTJ Han/Madine two pack $110

I'm not sure on the price for this one.  Ebay only had a couple listed.  If I'm way off the mark on the price I'm sure somebody will let me know.  It's in the usual condition for one of these packs.  The bubble is all kinds of banged up and the edge wear can be heavy in some spots.  The price tag was torn off the top right side before I owned it and can be scene in the pic.  There is some creasing to the top left and bottom left.  All in all though, this one displays pretty nicely.

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